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    True on both accounts. Trub is defined by the amount of dead yeast. But I'd expect the more food for the yeast to eat, the more the yeast would multiply and die.
  2. sdrake


    I bottled my Novacaine this morning. I'm skeptical whether it turned out right. I had it in the LBK for 3 weeks and 6 days. The first week I brought the temperature down at the cold end of the range to avoid getting overactive fermentation and an overflow. For the remainder of fermentation, I went for a 60-65F range. But when I bottled it this morning, I noticed 2 things... (1) It tasted like flat beer but it also tasted a slight bit sweet and (2) There wasn't as much trub at the bottom of the LBK as I would expect from a recipe using 3 HMEs and 1 LME. Perhaps it's good but perhaps I'll have bottle bombs in the next week or so. I'll open a bottle in a couple of weeks and see what I have. In the meantime, I put the 23 bottles in the cooler with the lid closed.
  3. I didn't see the other thread.
  4. On the page for the Summer Seasonal, Australian Sparkling Ale, there's an error. If you page down to the "Food Pairings" section, you didn't list "shrimp on the barbie" and "kangaroo steak." At least add those to make the page more interesting.
  5. Great idea. When would I add the lime juice, at the beginning, part way through fermentation or at bottling?
  6. Even if the forum was organized with that level of detail, it would only mean that people would post under the wrong topic and then it would become unorganized. I like the forum as-is. Topics that are recent are listed first. If a conversation isn't current, it falls off the first page. People can search or page back for older stuff. I see this forum as a casual conversation about making beer and not a highly organized and policed repository of information.
  7. With the BOGO sale that's going on now, I wanted to take advantage of it but I like making something different every time. So here's what I purchased... 2 Horse's Ass Ale (2 Classic American Light HMEs, 2 Cascade Pellet Hops, Add my own cup of honey) 2 Classic American LIght HMEs. Plus, with the extra Pale LME that I have, here's the 2 batches I'll make... Horse's Double-Ass Ale 2 Classic American LIght HMEs, 1 Cascade Pellet Hops, 1 cup of honey) My Own Similar Concoction 2 Classic American Light HMEs, 1 Cascade Pellet Hops, 1 Pale LME). Both should yield 7 to 7.5% ABV beer. I've already submitted my order ($43.66 total) and now realize that my second batch is really the Horse's Double-Ass Ale with a Pale LME instead of the honey. Oh well, I guess I'll get to see honey vs. LME. Perhaps if I want to make the 2nd batch a little more unique, I could add some vanilla or some spices to it. Any suggestions for making my 2nd batch more unique?
  8. sdrake

    I'm puzzled

    I just mixed up another batch in my LBK and am down to 1 remaining recipe on hand. But here's where I'm puzzled. In my inventory, I have an LME-Pale that is extra. So I don't know if during a prior recipe I forgot to add the LME-Pale or whether Mr. Beer sent me an extra LME-Pale with one of my orders. I don't take a close look at what I receive so that's possible. I've only made 2 recipes with an LME-Pale... Mad Ludwig's Marzen (long time ago) and Chug-a-lugger (bottled last weekend). But I remember adding the LME to the Chug-a-lugger as it's just an HME and an LME. The Mad Ludwig's Marzen is an HME and 2 LMEs. Anyone else brew through your recipes and find you have something unexplained left over?
  9. I've never whisked or stirred the yeast into the wort. I just sprinkle on the surface. The yeast finds the food regardless. My opinion is that whisking it adds oxygen into the wort that isn't good.
  10. I went on vacation in May for 2 weeks and left 100 bottles of my beer in the house during that time. We set the A/C at 85 degrees so that was likely the temperature in the house. The beer seems fine and I find no issues with taste or anything. All the beer was at least a couple of weeks past bottling so the carbonation was complete. Conditioning happens until you put it in the refrigerator.
  11. I see that Horse's Ass Ale is only around 4.3% ABV. With the current BOGO sale, would it be feasible/drinkable to make Horse's Double-Ass Ale by using 2 HMEs instead of 1?
  12. It's my understanding that it's find for your bottles to condition at 80 degrees. No need to worry about it. You're not fermenting the wort but adding conditioning and carbonation.
  13. Keep in mind that those temperatures in your basement only work for certain yeasts in certain recipes. Some Mr. Beer recipes have yeast that require lower temperatures. I made one recipe that required a 51-59 temperature range. Best to have a system (large cooler with frozen bottles of water and a wireless temperature gauge work best for me) that is flexible for various recipes.
  14. I guess my main question fell by the wayside.
  15. I had the same experience with the sale back in March. I ordered (I think) 5 recipes and 2 of them arrived with HME cans that had only a few months left until the date on the cans. It forced me to brew the batches in a different order than I intended. But look at it from a different perspective... If the Mr. Beer inventory was all product with 12 months of more remaining, there would probably be fewer sales. Perhaps the sales are driven by the need to move inventory. Sometimes (including the current 4th of July sale) they do tell you that the dates are coming soon. I don't mind as much if I buy a recipe on sale with a short time remaining as I sort of expect it, I do get really disappointed if I buy something at full price and it has the same short time remaining. But that hasn't happened in awhile as I've been trained by frequent sales to only buy during sales. It's just a matter of keeping a small inventory or recipes with the expectation of brewing soon after receiving a shipment of recipes.
  16. Everyone here sends 10% of their homebrew to Sir Rick Beer as a tribute towards his nobility. Those who don't... well, they're drinking Budweiser.
  17. sdrake


    The 3 weeks for my Novacaine in my LBK is this Saturday. During the 3 weeks I've had the cooler where the LBK is consistently in the 60-65F temperature range. Note that this recipe has 3 HMEs and 1 LME, so there's a lot of fermentable gunk in it. Currently the surface of the wort has a thin layer of foam on it and the cooler smells like wonderful beer. My question is this... Should I bottle at 3 weeks or give it an extra few days or an extra week? What is the danger of leaving any wort in the LBK for a 4th week? (I don't have one of those fancy tools to measure the FG.)
  18. Keep in mind that the Cherry Wheat recipe ferments the cherries and the result is a cider-like beer. So you might achieve what you're seeking by brewing the recipe as-is. Also, I've seen someone say on here that if you brew the cider in your beer LBK, you'll have an LBK that will forever have a cider scent to it.
  19. sabres032, Last fall I submitted an order literally 2 minutes before an email came out for a "free shipping" special. I emailed them and they were nice enough to remove the shipping from my order.
  20. 2 for the price of 1 sounds good on the surface, but I prefer to make a different beer each time rather than the same recipe again. So, I'm not overly thrilled about the 4th of July sale as I'd prefer "Buy one, get equal or lesser priced free" rather than BOGO. So my question... Anyone have any suggestions about the modifying a BOGO so that the 2nd batch isn't a repeat of the first batch? I'd love to see recommendations while pointing out specific recipes. FYI... Opportunity to get Novacaine at 50% off the 2nd one. Anyone in the Phoenix area want to split a BOGO order so we each take 1 of each?
  21. Several months ago I had a premonition. http://community.mrbeer.com/topic/33441-mr-beer-bread/?hl=bread
  22. I saw this on all my bottles of one of my batches. 4 months later and the beer is still great.
  23. sdrake

    Big Red One

    I hope there will be a 4th of July sale. I've learned to only purchase when there are sales. I missed out on the Memorial Day sale because I was on vacation and didn't want to give credit card information over hotel wifi. I will be out of Mr. Beer recipes by late July.
  24. sdrake

    Big Red One

    I tried another bottle of my "Big Red One" that I bottled on 2/8/2015. After 4 months and 1 week conditioning, it's still my favorite beer. Perfect in every way and just 1 bottle of the 8%+ and I can feel the alcohol. 21 bottles remaining. I'm treating this as a dessert beer. I drink it when I have nothing else affecting my taste buds and I can sit and just enjoy it.
  25. If Saazquatch Imperial Pilsner with 2 HMEs yields 6.5% ABV, then how do the basic refills with 1 HME yield (according to Mr. Beer) 3.7%? Or is your above statement a way of Mr. Beer finally admitting that the basic recipes only yield 3.2-3.3% ABV and not 3.7%?
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