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  1. Yup.. this is the exact setup I use also. Works great. Just have to find the frozen bottle ratio that works for what temp you are fermenting for.
  2. yup what JoshR said. registering for the contest..I'll prolly buy it now..
  3. OH MAN.. i didnt win the sugar on top recipe.. i did get a 10% for registering for it though. i bet you i know who won it.. huh.. Josh R...
  4. I completely agree. When I first started ordering things I had a few issues. I have had contact with Judy R. and Debi M. Both of which where extremely helpful and just caring for the situation. I have said it before and I will say it again but that is definitely one of the biggest reasons I still go with mr. beer for parts and quality of service.
  5. Welcome and have fun. This to me is such a relaxing hobby to enjoy. Search these forums for all the questions you need answered. If not just ask. So many people here willing to help and give their option on situations that they have been through already. Good luck and be patient in all of this. You will be rewarded.
  6. Thanks.. a little more info would have been better though.. a little vague in your answer .. All the dme i have bought just haven't said spray on it so I was curious. Ya it does say for a 40 pint beer kit. Which is fine. I'll just do a batch split.
  7. I got a Muntons Connoisseurs Yorkshire Bitter for a xmas gift from my brother. Its a 1.8kg extract with a pound of Light Spray Dry Malt (which i have not heard of spray dry malt??) Anyone tried this or any thoughts about it. BTW.. this will be my 10th batch
  8. Welcome aboard. and happy birthday.. Like RickBeer said (yes again lol).. always as a rule of thumb here is 3 weeks fermenting.. 4 week bottle conditioning (in room temp). and put in the fridge only what you are going to drink a few days prior to drinking it. Leave the rest to condition until you are ready to drink it. Being patient it key i think to achieving a great batch of brew. Check out all the info on these forums. Allot of good thinks to read on a daily basis.
  9. Welcome and have fun. This forum is a gold mine. Great minds are here posting everyday with their knowledge. Search around and read up.
  10. You have to find the right combo of frozen water bottles that works for you. If its too cold than use a smaller water bottle.. or just fill the bottle half way full of water. Once it get finding the correct bottles to the correct temp you want then just remember those setting..right now its just trial and error.. 64 is fine also.. the temp will go back up on its own. I wouldnt add a warm bottle to it.
  11. exactly what RickBeer says (man you always got the good answers ) .. warm water is the is the hottest I go on the LBK and make sure you are not scrubbing it with something rough and harsh. Use a soft cloth to clean it out nothing like a scrubbing pad. You do not want to leave scratches on the inside. One thing we always love about mr.beer is the fantastic customer service they have. Even when the user (us) do something we should not have they make us not feel stupid and help solve the problem and that creates a positive learning experience.
  12. I wouldn't spend a ton on money on a cooler either as 45 bucks is allot.. I got mine for 28 bucks at walmart. To me thats a good price for a great investment. 68 degrees is perfect for what you are brewing. Yah.. dont have the bottles touch. It will cool just fine on the sides. I changed mine out twice a day. Sometime in the morning and before I went to bed.
  13. You only need to refrigerate the beer you are going to drink a few days before your really going to drink it. It will keep conditioning as long as it is sitting out in room temp. I would pull that beer out of the fridge and let it warm back up to continue its conditioning..
  14. oh ya.. good call haerbob .. I forgot about that. here is a good carb calculator if you need one BMFBlues http://www.thescrewybrewer.com/p/brewing-tools-formulas.html#bpc
  15. Take the measurements on the LBK and find one that will give you enough room to add frozen bottles to the inside corners of the cooler (without touching the keg). you need to see what will work for you in terms of how many frozen water bottles to effectively cool the air inside the cooler. which will cool your LBK. I use a 1L bottle along with a 16oz bottle. It all depends on your desired temp you are trying to reach. Remember when you fill your bottles of water to leave 2-3 inches of space on top because the the water will expand when it freezes and you don't want them to break or start leaking out when it starts to thaw.
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