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  1. Hello. I usually use 1 cup of water when I am doing my prime batch.
  2. I'm sure you are counting down the days like we all were when our first batch was born.
  3. I actually got a temperature gauge and taped it on the side of my ferm. Ran the cord up to the top and I can keep it cool to whatever temp I need without opening and looking at my other temp strip. Hope this helps.
  4. If you did everything correctly just give it more time. Slowly inverting then letting them sit for a few more weeks is a great idea. It will be ok.
  5. If a brew is really good I'll definitely make it again (with a new tweek to make it even better) to keep stock levels up on it. But there are so many different styles and recipes out there.. and more all the time. I haven't seen the new mr.beer of the month recipe yet. Is it out there??
  6. I actually threw my tv away and replaced it with my 3 fermentors. That way everyone can enjoy it equally..
  7. Really go though the mr.b website and read/look at all the receipes is a good start. I always recommend Diablo IPA (my fav) for hoppy.. But it is pretty bitter. Czech Pilsner is good for a milder allot less hoppy type of beer. It's kinda hard to answer a question like this since we all have different opinions on what we think this or that tastes like. But I would really buy a few different ones and go from there and brew it straight up.. nothing fancy at first..and dont forget the 3-4-3 rules. Search these forums for great advise and answers to allot of your questions.
  8. As tempting as it is to open it up and look down to see what's going on don't do it . Like zorak said. Use a strong flashlight from all angles to see the magic . It's not worth loosing a batch just in-case something did happen to fly in at that exact moment you opened it. The only times you should open the lid is if your dry hopping (still keep it open only long enough to put in hops) or after bottling.
  9. I know that some bottled waters do have different or a little off flavors/after taste depending on the person. I always used bottled spring water.. So find one that you like to drink and tastes good to you and use that.
  10. Start out basic and straight so you can get an idea of the basic steps and keeping it as sanitary as you can. Go at your own pace and very important rules of 3 weeks fermenting (on every beer), 4 weeks conditioning (the longer it conditionings the better it tastes) and 3 days put in fridge only what you are planning to drink. The LME/DME's are great add ons for the overall body, little abv. boost and taste of the beer (different types of lme/dme to choose from so it depends on what your overall goal is). I do not make a batch without using one of them now a days. Be patient and have fun.
  11. Filling it up a lil bit more is a great idea from Jim Johnson if your doing 2 HME's. Just the overflow would be a problem if its a gusher. Some beers aren't though. But if you want to do 2hme's go for it. And if you don't like it then at least you know from personal experience that it wasn't a good idea. But if it turns out great then there you go. Awesome idea. Trial and error.
  12. Nice....not a bad deal at all..have fun
  13. Welcome. Having multiple works well. You just have to keep on top of it. I have 2 LBK and a 8LX. Patience is key and following the correct steps is key also. I don't know about others but sometimes I just make a batch because its relaxing to brew (except my wife says the house starts to smell like feet when I do it ) and I kinda forget about the conditioning beer. Before you know it you have 60-70-80 bottles that are ready to drink. don't forget the 3-4-3 rule.
  14. The yeast to me really gives it a different effect and creates a different profile for the beer your making. I've been using Wyeast Lab yeast lately because I'm liking the direct pitch activator. I use the whole thing for the 8lx and has been working great. The different strains really change the flavor depending on what you are going for.
  15. hello and welcome aboard. I would let them sit out and condition for at least another 2 weeks before putting one in the fridge and trying. 4 weeks minimum for conditioning is the rule of thumb here..exploding bottles in the plastic bottles kinda just get deformed if something goings wrong. I keep my bottles I'm conditioning in a cardboard box with a lid on it (just in-case anything leaks or explodes for whatever reason) and I just label my box with the batch number and date bottled.
  16. I usually cold crash (permitting I have room in the fridge to do it). Depending on my schedule i will start the cold crash either on day 19-20-21 for 2 or 3 days. It not exact all the time because life usually gets in the way. I like to do it because when i dry hop I go commando. So it helps to drop all the particles and solidify the trub. Remember if using the LBK advise from the forums say put a cd case in the front bottom of it to keep the trub away from the spigot. But what RickBeer says a hydrometer is a good cheap tool to have.
  17. The first time I brewed the Diablo was straight up with an LME pack and dry hopped with 3/4oz simcoe and 3/4oz citra. Like Nickfixit that last 7 days is dry hop time. I go commando on my dry hopping since I always cold crash it. Awesome beer.
  18. If you like hoppy, bitter and allot of flavor then the Diablo is the one to drink. One of the best from Mr. Beer. In my opinion of course. Big key is the 3 weeks fermentation. Always do that no matter what your brewing.
  19. Welcome and have fun. A side note on the thermometer strip. Keeping that temp in the range that is required (all depends on your yeast and style of beer) is very important also. When its in the active fermentation stage it will generate a lil more heat since its doing its magic in there.
  20. Welcome.. remember the 3-4-3 motto.. 3 weeks fermenting (doesn't matter on the beer always do the 3 weeks), 4 weeks conditioning(minimum) and 3 days in the fridge right before your going to drink it. As you said it took four months for full flavor that you really noticed. The longer conditioning the better depending on the beer. But every batch is different and it all depends on everything you put in and the steps you took to brew and condition. +1 on what RickBeer said.. chase flavor (you will have some yuck yuck beer that you can barely drink if you go for abv.) and add LME OR DME.
  21. Hello. Welcome aboard. Going by the guidelines of the experienced people on this forum agree 3-4-3 .. 3 weeks fermenting 4 weeks conditioning and 3 days fridge right before drinking. Even though documentation of Mr. Beer says sooner than that. I would stick with the 3-4-3. Most beer that I brewed just tastes better and better the longer it conditions. But 100% of the time 3 weeks fermenting is a must.
  22. nah.. it should be ok..just don't slosh it all around.. be as careful as you can be and it will be fine. I moved mine a few times before I put it where I wanted. Good luck and be patient, have fun, and search these forums for great info.
  23. all i remember is just shining a flashlight through the LBK every 5 min. to see if anything is going on. Then was stuff was happening I was shinning the flashlight in every 2 min. But yes once you get going you go all the way.
  24. When I made my Diablo IPA Deluxe Craft refill I dry hopped with 1oz of Citra. It came out great. I would say you should use at least 1oz when you dry hop to get the most out of it. If you want to go commando just toss the hops in. If you go commando its best to cold crash (put LBK in fridge for last 2-3 days to keep the trub packed and clear up the beer) I usually dry hop for the last 7 days of ferm. So day 14 to 21 is dry hopping time and days 19-21 its in the fridge. I always ferm for 3 weeks regardless of if I know its done or not. Let us know how it turns out. It sounds good.
  25. Yup. Every batch is different. But the temp is very critical in the active fermentation stage. Depending on what yeast you use you will need to keep in that acceptable range for those lil yeasties to do there magic.
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