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  1. Could you point me to the link/thread, my search skills are not turning up the discussion thanks
  2. Hi All, I have a bunch of Booster packs kicking around that I don't want to see go to waste. I have few things in mind that call for corn sugar, can i use Booster in its place? Cider kit calls for 2 lbs of Corn sugar up front to ferment and 5 oz at end to sweeten Skeeter Pee lemon wine calls for white sugar to back sweeten, would Booster be Ok for that? I hate to waste, so i'm really just looking for some uses for all these booster packs i foolishly bought. Would love to hear your thoughts on how to use this stuff up Thanks!
  3. Thanks for all the advise. In the end i used just one cup of booster, couldn't help my self had to toss in some of it LOL! I messed up on the hops too but i think it should be fine. i steeped the Cascade (instead of Citra) so i'll dry hop the Citra. I think i'll toss the Citra in around 16-17 days from now and let it sit 4-5 days, then cold crash for 2-3 days before bottling. Does that sound about right?
  4. I think I will give the cold crash a try i have room in the fridge so might as well give it a whirl
  5. Thanks for the input. I will skip the booster and use all the yeast packet. For the hops, i was going to make a sack/sachet using some sanitzed cheezecloth. I never did a cold crash, i'm still pretty new to brewing so this is a step i'm not familar with. what is the purpose/benifit to doing this? and how would i go about it?
  6. Hi, I'm farly new to Mr Beer. i have only 3 batches under my belt but now i want to try putting together a "recipe" My Mr beer was a leftover clearance sale kit that came with one of the discontinued West Cost Pale Ale refils with booster. I figured this would be a good candidate for my first experiment. here is what i want to do and i'd like your input. 1 can northwest pale ale HME 1 pouch Pale Brewmax LME 1 pouch Booster - this is were i need input, should i use all of it, half of it or none? 1 pouch SAFALE US 05 yeast-- should i use the entire pouch of yeast or just half? 1/2 oz Citra hops - boiled for 10 min (i'm not a hop head but is this long enough?) 1/2 oz Cascade hops ( dry hopped 5 days before bottling) So what are your thoughts and advice? I have the booster but i don't want the cidery taste that i've read about. should i use it, just some of it or skip it? For the yeast the Safale US 05 is about twice the weight of the mr beer yeast, is a full pack too much? What do you think of my hops combo will this be OK(, i like mild citrusy floral hops tones) Let me know what you think and if you have any tips, thanks much
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