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  1. Thanks everyone! I am ordering the extract today !
  2. Hello, I have brewed a batch of raspberry Weissbier I added a can of pureed raspberries to my LBK let it ferment for three weeks. The beer turned out great but no fruit flavor. I had gotten the advise to add the puree of fruit the last week of fermenting, so I tried it with a blueberry bohemian. The beer turned out great but still no fruit flavor, can anyone tell me what wet wrong? Would fresh fruit be better. Thanks for any help I can get. newbie Joshua
  3. Hi all, I am new to brewing and tried the raspberry. I added a can of blended raspberries to fermenter then added wart. All was going well after two weeks ready to bottle, (it tasted fine) and their was a lot of debris as I bottled. I was wondering if this the norm with fruit beer. I did a pumpkin before this and no debris. Any way just wondering if anybody had any thoughts. Thanks Joshua
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