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  1. Been wanting to try some of those and glad to see they're finally available on this side of the pond.
  2. I use OneStep that I buy from my local brew store.
  3. I keep a journal of all my brews and I remember after five weeks in the bottle that noting that the beer tasted thin. However, after three more weeks it changed dramatically and became a full flavored beer with a nice hop profile. Don't give up on it. Three weeks conditioning is not nearly enough time. Just set your bottles back and try another one in about a month.
  4. A half ounce of Saaz hops is fine for one can of Mr. Beer Pilsner. Also, you can use a San Francisco yeast that will let you ferment at higher temperatures while preserving the Pilsner flavor. Add light DME or booster and you'll make a great crisp summer beer.
  5. Tried another bottle at two months conditioning now. It's no longer thin and weak as I reported in my initial review. This one takes some aging and may not improve much more as it is only a little better than the last one I tried two weeks back. As it now stands it is a decent beer and the flavor profile is close to the Munton's Nut Brown Ale, just a little lighter. It's no substitute for WDA, but I would brew it again. As Nickfixit said it lacks head retention, but that's not a complaint. The Munton's had an excellent head.
  6. That's what I like about Mr. Beer. I don't have a lot of time to brew, but I can brew an excellent tasting beer in a short period of time.
  7. An update on the Dark Ale I brewed. I previously reported that after five weeks of conditioning I was disappointed in the ale as it was weak and thin. I tried another bottle after two more weeks conditioning and am happy to report it is much improved. Although not a top rated beer, it has developed more body and flavor and I can see potential in this brew. The flavor profile that's developing reminds me of the Muntons Nut Brown Ale I brewed last summer and if it continues to improve and reaches the level of the Muntons (which was just like a Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale) I will be very happy with it. It's at seven weeks conditioning now and I'm thinking another two or three weeks will make this a pretty good beer. Still not substitute for the WDA as it is, but it may serve as a base adding some dark DME, chocolate malt grains and with the correct hops it may get close. I like to experiment, so we'll see what I create with the next batch. As long as it's drinkable I'm good.
  8. It's the misconception that you can't get anything good out of a can. Like eating fresh cooked vegetables vs. opening a can of Green Giant. It's not just the prejudice toward Mr. Beer, but all canned beer kits like Coopers and Muntons. The store nearest to me sells Muntons kits and when I started brewing I was curious about several of them. The owner didn't criticize them, but simply said I would make better beer from their extract kits. He invited me to a couple of their brewing classes. I went to an all grain and extract class and ended up taking his suggestion and making a couple of beers from their extract kits. Although the beer was good I didn't think it was any better than what I made with Mr. Beer. So the next extract class I took some bottles of Mr. Beer and shared them. Folks would bring something they brewed and share and ask for feedback. I didn't tell anybody what they were drinking was Mr. Beer (Dark Winter Ale). After getting a lot of compliments and requests for refills I informed the group what they were drinking was from a Mr. Beer kit. You should have seen the looks on their faces. You would have thought I had told them they were drinking dog pee pee. But one guy simply said "no sh**t". I guess he liked it regardless of how it was made.
  9. It tastes like I doubled the recipe, in other words, like it should be made in a 2 1/2 gallon batch instead of 5. I know some dark beers take months to come of age and I'm willing to wait awhile and see if this is the case. Hopefully it will age out nicely. I don't know what the IBU is. The website says it is 400 something, but I don't know how to convert that into IBU's. I'm still on a quest to find something similar to WDA and I may try another batch with Dark Ale as a base adding some steeping some grains, dark DME and English type hops. I still don't get why it was discontinued as it seemed to be popular. When I inquired with Mr. Beer why it was discontinued I was told it was a seasonal offering, but it never appeared in the seasonal section, but rather as one of the craft offerings. Maybe we should start a petition and see if we can get them to bring it back
  10. Well, I tried a bottle of the Cooper's Dark Ale and wasn't impressed. It wasn't even close to WDA. The best description I can give is that it was thin and weak. I'm going to let is set for another month and try it again in four week intervals and see if it improves. For now, it's a big disappointment as was the other Coopers I made last year. It also was weak and never picked up any body. I made the Dark Ale with 2 1/2 lbs of DME and filled the fermenter to the 19L level or 5 gallons and not the recommended 6. I can't imagine how weak it would have been had I made the suggested 6 gallons. Thus far, I simply haven't been impressed with Coopers and understand why home brewers have a disdain from brewing out of a can. If Coopers was all I had tried I would feel the same way. Mr. Beer kits are far better as are Muntons (and yes, I realize Coopers makes Mr. B. now). I think I'll see if Muntons has anything that might be close to a WDA. Anyway, that's my short review of Coopers Dark Ale; it ain't no WDA by a long shot. Good thing I got some Bewitched Amber Ale that will be ready soon.
  11. More from the Bohemian Brewing Company:
  12. From the Bohemian Brewing Company:
  13. Nick, I'm curious to see how your #3 turns out after four weeks of conditioning since your recipe closely mirrors what I came up with to make this ale closer to WDA. Thanks for updating us!
  14. Most labels will come off just by soaking them in warm water for a few minutes. The ones that are plastic and peel off will leave a glue residue that can be easily removed by spraying a little Goo Gone on them.
  15. I've used Golden Light DME and that works well. If you brew it without LME/DME it's a little thin for my tastes.
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