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  1. good to know thank you. maybe it will be best to just go thrgouh the basic extract recipes before i go crazy. there were a lot of factors that may have screwed it up. i found a chest freezer at a thrift store for $40! now all i need is a dehumidifier and a stc 1000 and i am all good to go. i also really want to get a hydrometer to make sure i know when all is done fermenting
  2. So i just finished my first batch of the czech pilsner and it was a little disappointing. it tasted a little cidery and had very little flavor otherwise. It definitely wasn't bad, but it really wasn't great. My next batch is going to be a mexican cervesa. i actually have two cans of it. Part of me really wants use both cans for the one batch. Ive heard that that will up the flavor and the alcohol content. is that a good idea or am i about to make a huge mistake? How important is temperature control? my plan had been to build a fermentation chamber but is it that important? any other tip?
  3. welp, guess ill have to do the 3 weeks in the LBK next batch because these are already bottled. now room temp as in what? I live in SoCal and its been hot as hell. Is it a good idea to try and buy some sort of temperature control unit?
  4. interesting. good to know. and how do i really know when everything is carbonated? like how hard should the bottles be? is it the same for all beers or all ciders? and is should it carbonate for 2 weeks or 4? I've been reading different things
  5. i apologize for putting up multiple posts recently, but I have a lot of questions and this is a new but epically fun hobby for me. I noticed on the Mr. Beer website that they say you can use any bottles that at one point held a carbonated beverage. This was a convenient thing for me to learn because I do regularly buy soda bottles. As I have been reading more, i have learned that plastic bottles like this can become ineffective after a certain point. then, i saw that the Mr. Beer website sells plastic caps. My actual question is if what goes wrong with the bottles is the bottles themselves or just the caps? The caps are way cheaper to replace. Thanks!
  6. this is the first time I have posted and the first batch of anything Ive tried to make. My cider in theory is almost done. It fermented for a week and has been bottled and carbonating for two weeks today. How do I know if it really is ready? How carbonated is carbonated enough? The bottles are harder than they used to be but I can still make a small dent in them. They have been in an area probably at the upper range of of accepted temps but that is because SoCal is so hot and I can't really run my air conditioning all time. Any help would be great, thank you very much.
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