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  1. first time with the booster was a huge fail, poured it in with the hot HME and sorta crystallized (the best way I can describe it)
  2. Off my original topic but I usually don't care for leinenkugel but their Oktoberfest really surprised me
  3. I received my 12 1L Amber flip top bottles from monster brew today
  4. Just called my local academy and they also have them for that price!
  5. I just placed my order for american ale today!
  6. I couldn't wait I just ordered a new lbk and a can of american ale
  7. I believe I have caught the fever... I'm ordering a second lbk this weekend
  8. Has anyone had any success with adding cinnamon to your batch
  9. Thanks for the input guys, I'm really excited about my new hobby. I've been looking to get into a new hobby and I love trying new beer so this seemed let the right thing to do!
  10. Hello everyone I recently recieved my Mr Beer kit and I'm very excited to see how my 1st batch comes out. After 1 day everything is kind of settled in the bottom of the keg, just wondering is this normal?
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