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  1. Got 2 oz of dried orange peelings from my local brewing supply store. Wanting to add it to a batch of American ale. Nwe'd to know how to prep it for hop sack and lbk. Do I need to sanitize it in vodka like you do to cocoa nibs for 24 hrs? Any pointers or info would be grateful.
  2. Just tasted hard cider and it taste like vinegar. No sweetness at all or apple taste. 3 weeks in lbk, 3 weeks in bottles, 24 hrs in fridge. Added 2 cups of sugar to wort when heating up. So whats the problem With my batch?
  3. Yeah my jaw about split the floor open when I saw it.
  4. I found my second lbk at a local goodwill for 6 bucks had bottles and all. Never been opened
  5. Started oct.fest and a hard cider this week. Nothing fancy just to try them before adding goodies to same refills in future. Winter dark ale with nibshas been bottle for a week and half now and carbonation is getting pretty tight in bottles.
  6. Tasted my wda with nibs today and I'm surprised at the taste. Really bitter dark chocolate and coffee taste. Even though I took out hop bag out a week ago by taking lid off I think I'm in the clear of infection. Idk if I should wait to bottle in a week or tomorrow :/ any thoughts or opinions would be great.
  7. Thank you all for info. The brew is bubbling up and is active so all is well.
  8. Stupid me forgot to mix wort up before pitching yeast. So when I rememberd that I forgot I panic and shook the keg a little to mix up the yeast went to the bottom. There is no more yeast on top. Am I still in the clear or am I screwed. Plz help.
  9. Thank you dfwddr and swenocha for clea ring up some confusion I've had about doing this. Will let yall know how it turns out. Thank you again.
  10. But what do I do with them after I just soaked them in the vodka for 24hr?
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