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  1. Thanks everyone, I brewed up a double batch without any additions or adjuncts. I have made the Winter Dark a few times before and really like it, so as you all are saying here - why mess with a good thing? Cheers. Beer is good. Beers are better.
  2. Thanks RickBeer. Nope. Burnt carmel and sulfur are definitely not the flavors I look for in beer.
  3. Hello all, Today I'm going to try something a little different and was wondering if the forum members had any input. I've got a 5-gallon carboy and am ging to make a double batch of the Winter Dark plus I'm going to add molasses to the wort. In the new updated instructions, it is suggested that one should start out with adding 1/4 cup to the batch. Since this is a double size, I'm going to add 1/2 cup to the wort. I'm doing this to enhance the flavor and to boost the ABV. Any comments, suggestions?
  4. I "won" a 5-gallon True Brew California Common ingredients kit in a silent auction at a beer festival back in October. I was excited - I was "graduating" from Mr. Beer to a more serious home brewing system. I felt like I was taking off the training wheels. I gathered the neccesary equipment: a couple buckets, an airlock, tubing, sanitizer, etc. What a pain the @$$! The wort boiling, the grain bag steeping, the hop volcano that made my kitchen smell like Milwaukee in August, the racking, the wrestling with - I mean cleaning and sterilizing - the six-gallon buckets, the siphoning...it just goes on and on. Last night I finally bottled it up and it's gonna taste great in a couple weeks, but it was a huge hassle. This morning - in the space of forty minutes - I brewed and got a batch of Diablo Red into my good ol' Mr. Beer LBK. Quick, clean, and easy. Nice. No more fancy, schmancy ingredient kits for me. From now on it's Mr. Beer at Der RogueChip Brau Haus. And actually since I now have a larger set-up, I'm gonna start doing double batches. Cheers!
  5. Hello all, I am a glass bottle person - the plastic works, but somehow to me feels "cheap." No offense meant to all of you who use plastic and are happy with it, but they're just not for me. As my mother likes to say, "That's why there's chocolate and vanilla." Anyway, there is a particular22-ounce bottle shape that I like. It's used by Redhook Brewery and the beers inside are pretty good so it's no big deal buying (and drinking) their beer and saving the bottle. The problem is, the labels that they use are glued on so well they have been a real bear to get off ... until last night. Up until now, I have tried soaking overnight in hot soapy water, using commercial oil-based "Goof-Off" type cleaners, and even just scraping them off with a razor blade. The razor blade worked the best but it was a real pain and I went through a single-edge blade for every three or four bottles. Last night I tried using One-Step cleaner. I soaked the bottle for about 2-3 minutes, the label peeled off easily, and the glue wiped off with a plastic scouring pad. As a bonus, it also cleaned the old beer gunk out of the bottle. I cleaned three dozen bottles in the time it would have taken to razor-scrape a quarter of that, and they came out shining! I heartily recommend One-Step cleaner! Chip Weinert On the banks of Oregon's Rogue River
  6. I'm new to the forums so let me introduce myself... I live on the southern Oregon Coast just north of the California state line, but grew up in Wisconsin. I was raised on the Big Three - Miller, Schlitz, and Pabst. Since moving to the PacNW back in the '80's I have been a craft/micro beer aficionado. I'm on my fourth batch of Mr Beer and am really having fun with the whole thing. Last night I just opened the first bottle of Diablo Red. Sofa King delicious! Cheers!
  7. Making the labels is one third the fun of making the beer! The other two thirds are the brewing (33.3%) and the drinking (33.4%) Here are some of mine... Prost!
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