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  1. Ah yes, water. I get my house water from a private well. The water up here is very heavy on iron! Does nasty things to brewing I have discovered. Some days taking a shower is an assault to the nose. Currently I head down to my local store and buy a couple of gallons of spring water and all is well. Best wishes.
  2. Hello Fellow Brewers and Brew Masters. A further update from the cold north lands. I opened another of my babies this weekend and it was perfect! Carbonation was there and added a nice head to my Pilsner! Must not have gotten the lid tightened enough on the first bottle. Well, never mind that. This bottle was incredible. Again, my wine loving spouse eagerly drank my brew and declared it "better" than the last one! I will keep sampling each week to find the sweet spot for future brews. Cheers!!! And, yes, I am still sanding those dern hardwood floors. LOL
  3. UNBIASED TASTE TEST- after 7 weeks. Allrighty everyone. Yesterday was the day for my first taste of my first batch of Mr Beer Pilsner. Sanding on those hardwood floors made my wife and I thirsty and ready for a fresh chilled one. It tasted awesome! The color was a beautiful golden amber. All the flavors were there and it was smooottthhhh. My wife usually does not prefer beer- she being a wine drinker. However she was captivated by my Pilsner. We only had one brew with us [my bad] but it disappeared right quickly. I would brew this one again. The only glitch, and it was a small one, was that the carbonation level was on the flat side. Must not have screwed the tops down enough on the Mr Beer bottles to keep the carbonation high. Not a big issue at all as the beer was amazing and worth the wait. Well done Mr Beer! Thanks to everyone on our forum who gave this noobie such great advice! My plan is to taste a new bottle each week to discover where the sweet spot is for my brew batch. Ready to plan my next batch .... after the hardwood floors get finished :-) Merry Christmas everyone.
  4. Well tonight in the rain I ran my lovely bottles across the yard into my shop where the fridge stays. There they will chill out until I am sore and beat up from sanding that floor this weekend. Then, I will twist the top off one of these bad boys and pour it slowly down the side of my beer glass and drink away. Yee Haaw! Taste reports to come. LOL
  5. Good on ya! This weekend I will pop all of my first run bottles into the fridge to cold condition for a few days. Checked 'em tonight and they seem to be carbed real fine. Bottles are solid with little give to the loving squeeze. This coming weekend the wife and I are going to be resanding and finishing an old wood floor. She said to have a cold one for her too after the day's work. Amazing as she prefers wine to beer. A full review will be posted after this weekend's first bottles. Will be checking them on a weekly basis [wink-wink] to see how much farther they age/taste as time goes by. Get another hobby sdrake to pass the time while your beer ferments. I myself took up beer perving! hahaha It does pass the time. Use the 3-2-2 time frame as suggested by our honored "sages" on this forum. So far it is working out great here just south of the Canadian border. Best wishes.
  6. Its the waiting that can be hard. I know for sure as I am a noob here and waiting on my first batch. I recommend several good books and/or old I Love Lucy re-runs. I have received lots of encouragement and input from our community. I, myself, am happy with the Mr Beer approach. Simple is good! All those pots/pans,grinders/hoses/scales, etc is way too nooby intimidating and cluttered for my small space. I say go for it!
  7. Tick...........................Tock........................Tick.................................Tock...........................etc Time can hang heavily waiting on one's first brew. Two more weeks to go now using the 3-2-2 model advised by those who know better :-) So far all looks good from the outside in. Bottles seem to be carbing up nicely. Room temp right at 70 and dark. I'll go find something else to do for a time yet; like, watching paint dry. LOL Hello to everyone from up here where the daytime highs have been in the low teens steadily.
  8. Yes. Welcome aboard. Ima noobie here too. Just bottled my first batch and am enjoying it a lot.
  9. That's why I love all kinds of brewing ... piddling around!
  10. Completed the next step today. Its been three weeks so today was bottling/carbonation day. The beer from my LBK was very tasty and flat- of course. They will sit for the next 4 weeks doing their majik. Thanks all for your shared wisdom. Looking forward to Christmas in a new way this year!
  11. Nope not at all. Just attempting to clarify a time way down the road so to speak. LOL I am very happy right now with my LBK and my current project. I can get ahead of myself in my own mind. Thanks yooper.
  12. I am definitely NOT ready for that yet. hahaha Maybe by this time next year? Thanks again zorak.
  13. Well, I have always preferred "life long learner" myself. That way I am always a noobee :-) Thanks zorak!
  14. OK. I couldn't find any topic dealing with this specifically. Sorry if this is a dull repeat. In whisky making, one first makes a mash [beer] before, ahem, distilling- so I have been told. Is it feasible to use a whisky mash recipe as a basis for a beer? I have friends who work for a rather large brewer/distillery over here and they use the same mash/wort recipe for both their beer and their whisky also make on site. There is a corn, oats, barley and molasses recipe they use for whisky that might make a tasty beer. Smelled to me like a great hot breakfast cereal while cooking. Made me think. Anyone willing to share about this? Yes, I am obviously a noobee to the forum and don't know much yet but I want to learn so I don't waste a lot of time headed down unhelpful roads. Thanks!
  15. Dang it! How'd you know that? hahahaha
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