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  1. So just tried the first Oh Canada Eh! Beer and after 4 weeks it's pretty good can really taste the Chinook hops but I think it's a damn fine beer!!! Another 2 weeks and I think it will be stellar! I'm going to let my friend who works at a craft brewery try one and have him critique it for me!
  2. How long do I need to condition this for? Will it be longer due to using the Windsor ale yeast?
  3. Cold crashed for 24 hours...just waiting for keg to come back up to room temp so I can bottle...also how much sugar per bottle should I use ? 1tsp for 500ml bottles? 2tsp for 750ml bottles? Thanks Huggie
  4. Just brewed this tonight. Oh Canada Eh! From my original post and it smelled really good with the Chinook hops!!!
  5. JoshR should I even bother to do the half oz dry hop of Chinook at 1 week? Would I not get enough aroma from both the Windsor yeast in the esters it produces and the half oz of Chinook I put in at flameout?
  6. As always Josh thanks for your input!!! I couldn't get my hands o n any Columbus hops from my local Hop farm they are damn near sold out of everything most of the local craft breweries bought them out of the most popular styles of Hop!!!
  7. Hey Everyone, I want your help or rather opinions/insight into a batch of Bewitched Amber Ale I want to brew. I want to use an 11g Danstar Windsor Ale yeast, 1 Mr Beer Golden LME, 1/2oz chinook hops added at flameout and kept in for entire fermentation of 21 days, then after 1 week I want to add another 1/2oz chinook hops. It is kind of a take on Rockets Red Glare so maybe I can call it O Canada Eh! So what do you all think of the substitutes I am going to add? Again any input is greatly appreciated!! Thanks, Chris
  8. Should this have come out Strong alcohol tasting? Its good some bite to it!! Still kinda appley tasting even now after several months in the bottle
  9. I just brewed a Wild Wheat with a hoppier twist! I know you should use Saaz or Hallertau but I wanted a hoppier wheat, as I have been drinking a Hoppy Hefeweizen made here in Canada by Creemore Brewery. So here is what I did 1 can Bavarian Weiss 1 can CAL but instead of using the Saaz i did a 20min boil of 1/2oz Chinook and did 1/2oz Chinook dry hop for some great flavour and aroma I am just curious on everyone's take on this and how you pro's think this will turn out. As always I enjoy your input! Thanks, Chris
  10. OK...I just tried a Hop & Weizen its a Hoppy Hefeweizen made by the Mad River division of Creemore Brewery and loved the hoppy take on a wheat beer I would have enjoyed a tad bit more hoppiness. I am going to use my Bavarian Weiss HME and a BrewMax Golden LME I have. I am going to try something a little different and use the Chinook hops...I know, I know they are not used for a wheat beer but hey home/craft brewing is all about trying new and different things!! "The hallmark of craft beer and craft brewers is innovation". I would like some help from you fine folks on a hop schedule. I know with Chinook due to the high Alpha that it is VERY easy to go overboard and have a uber hoppy undrinkable beer. So if I'm going to try this to make a hoppier Hefeweizen I just want some help with the hop schedule, dry hopping and the choosing of a yeast. Thanks for all your help...AGAIN!!!
  11. Just tried this Hopiphany White IPA....its delicious!!! Hop forward but not super bitter the Falconer's Flight hops really are the superstars here. Like to do this one again and do a boil with the falconers and centennial hops for a sharper hoppiness just to try the difference. The colour turned out perfect and the 3 day cold crash cleared the haziness up perfectly too...I will definitely do this one again!!!
  12. Bottled the Hopiphany IPA today. Smelled so good while bottling so hope thats a good sign?!? So how long do you guys think until this one is ready? Will it be weeks or months until its ready to drink?
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