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  1. Grocery Outlet has the Mr. Beer North American Kits for sale. They are currently $19.99
  2. I am new to Mr. Beer. I had just brewed my second batch of beer. This time I had gone with the Bewitched Amber Ale. I let it sit at room temperature for 3 weeks. I couldn't wait and decided to crack one open. I didn't refrigerate it, I took a frosted mug, placed some ice in it, and consumed. I promised my wife that I would only have one 740 ml bottle. Well, promises were meant to be broken. I ended up drinking 4 of them. Was rather pleased with the results. The beer was clear and had a nice head retention. I had lucked out, when I was making the wort, some unidentified white objects ended up in the pot, I had fished the items out with my fingers. I prepared for the worst, but fortunately, all was well and tasted great.
  3. The first beer that I had bottled with Mr. Beer, I was only able to get 9 out of the 11 bottles filled. The second batch, I was able to fill all 11. Don't know what exactly went wrong as I had filled everything up to the lines and instructed. Maybe was bring too cautious when things were getting to close to the trub.
  4. Hello and thank you for the welcoming. I have read a bunch of the posts prior to brewing my first batch. I am sure perfection will come in due time. Looking forward to gaining more experience by reading the posts.
  5. I just finished brewing my first batch. The Czech Pilsner was a hit. I passed out a few bottles during Christmas and people were amazed at the taste.
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