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  1. hey all second batch of beer has been in the mr. beer keg for three weeks. I still have two old beer in the bottles and will probably drink them this weekend. if the brewing beer stays a few extra days in the keg, does it help/hurt or does it matter? please help me here. nick
  2. beer is good food

  3. I think, after reading more that I will let my beer sit a little while longer. I tried it right on the 6 week mark, so I will let it sit another 2 weeks. going to try a different beer after Christmas. haven't figured out what to buy yet. thanks for the advice guys/gals. nick
  4. ok, so I don't need to have the beer in the fridge for two weeks? I guess I was hoping it was closer to light beers that I am used to. it was good and I put the last six in the fridge to let them sit in there for two weeks. I will take them out and just put them in a few days before drinking. I actually can't wait to try a different one. I am going to look at the choices today and probably get one tomorrow for our Christmas present. nick
  5. I brewed the American light classic that came with the mr beer kit. it tastes a little bitter in compared to regular light beer, although good, just different. the recipe said put in the mr beer keg for 2 weeks but I lift for 3 weeks as discussed here. I think bottled and let sit for 3 weeks at room temp, anywhere from 68 to 74. we don't let the apartment get cold or too warm. I then put in the fridge for a week. I guess it is just the different taste maybe. I think I might get the check pil next. we only have 4 choices at our store. I guess the question I have, will the beer get better the longer it sits? any input is awesome. nick
  6. hey all, did my first beer and waiting the six weeks to try it. it was a little bitter. so couple questions with the next batch... 1) as this batch sits longer will it become less bitter? 2) 750 ml bottle, should I have used more sugar in it? it was the American lager that came with the kit. any help would be awesome as I am buying a mix for my honey bun for Christmas. nick
  7. I was about to purchase some stuff from MR Beer online but the shipping was way to much. so is there an online place in Canada to get stuff. I live in the sticks and do most shopping that way now. any help would be wonderful. nick
  8. I am in Vermilion Alberta. I gave a beer kit to my honey bun at Christmas but it took us until 2 weeks ago to do it. I am looking forward to trying it. nick
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