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  1. Put another bottle in the fridge to chill if this one is as good tasting and well carbonated as the first, I will put them all in the fridge to stop the yeast from over carbonating the beer.
  2. It was a brewers best kit and I used a 1/2 tsp.of priming sugar in each 12 oz. bottle.
  3. I brewed an IPA extract kit,it spent three weeks in the fermenter,one week cold crashing and only one week in the bottle and it taste fantastic!!! The only thing I did different was pitched at a cooler temp than normal and cold crashed for a week.It usually takes four to six weeks of bottle conditioning to get it right,but after one week its fully carbonated and taste great with no detectable off flavors!
  4. Cider flavor and smell is a sign of a green beer,let it sit like Rick said.
  5. Made a recipe for a five gallon batch adjusted everything corrwctly except the bittering hops
  6. Made an amber ale,very bitter.Will that mellow with time.
  7. Thats some high ibu's on the coffee portwr how did it taste?
  8. Yes getting all mad scientist on this one!
  9. Making a smoked porter and have some simcoe hops left over in the fridge from a previous ipa I brewed,was wondering if anyone ever used simcoe as a bittering hop in a darker beer and what was the outcome?
  10. I think I pitch at too cool of a temp,turned up the heat and now they're going strong.
  11. Some more partial extracts would be great, I moved on to using brewers best kits because of the steeping grains and hop additions. It would be nice to see mrbeer do more of these.
  12. So just checked the LBK's and Im starting to see a little bit of action,very slow moving,I think Im just gonna let it ride.Its pretty chilly in my apartment maybe thats slowing down the fermentation.
  13. No krausen whatsoever, no movement,yes there is sediment,but that appeared an hour after I pitched.Im going to give it another day or so and repitch
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