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  1. Ha! I hear ya. The main reason why I would pour some out, would be to free up bottles for more beer to be made in. However, you guys have convinced me to use it in cooking instead.
  2. Yet another sugar tab victim. I get tickled at those who just can't seem to accept that there are those of us who have had issues with these sugar drops. I totally believe they can work, maybe even most of the time, but I 100% believe that there are times that they don't. Anywho, different strokes for different folks. I'll probably try them again at some point, but will go back to the granulated sugar for now.
  3. Awesome ideas! Thanks for recommending them!
  4. Aight, back to the question at hand.....any more advice on reviving flat bottles of beer?
  5. I've read that on occasion, the compact form of the tabs can cause the sugar not to be completely dissolved or consumed by the yeast. Just like in other types of cooking where things clump up and don't get mixed in well or dissolved completely. Whether or not that's correct, it certainly sounds like a probable cause. Out of the 30 something batches I've done, all of which have been properly carbonated, these 2 batches where I changed to sugar tabs, are the only ones that didn't carbonate correctly. I've gone back and checked caps and grommets and all are well sealed. It's a mystery to me for sure....
  6. Well, seeing how I have 2 batches, in 2 different bottles, both of which are glass bottles with brand new rubber grommets, and brand new PET bottles with brand new caps, I don't believe its seal issues. After hearing how many other people have had issues with the carb drops, that's what I'm betting on.
  7. I can just try it on a few bottles and see what happens.
  8. Ok, so this is really going to be an experiment. Seems like it will be easy to over do it since we don't know how much yeast is in there, or should go in there.
  9. So, if you've read on here quite a bit, then you've probably seen my posts about my last 2 batches being flat from having used the carb drops. My question is, can this flat beer be revived by simply opening them up and adding some table sugar? And if so, would I add the recommended amount as if I was originally bottling it after the brewing process? It's been in the bottle now for 6 months. The way I figure is I have nothing to lose. I'm gonna pour it out if I don't even try this, so I was just curious if anyone else has done this with success.
  10. Yep, I believe that statistic! Will never use those drops again.
  11. yes, going off of the 2 extracts used in this recipe, I would say Carapils wouldn't add much at all to it.
  12. Really? I have the new clear upright fermenter with the krausen collar on it.....hopefully that will be enough. But you are satisfied with the beer?
  13. Well guys, for the love beer, I can not figure out why these brews didn't carbonate as prescribed. 2 different batches and both came out flat, using the MB prescribed amount of sugar tabs. They've been in the bottle since February of this year. Very frustrating as they weren't cheap recipes. Guess I'll be going back to table sugar, as that's what I used for by first 30 something batches....
  14. I'm actually thinking of doing this brew, especially since it's on sale for for the rest of today.....
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