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  1. So in the instructions, it specifically lists whiskey, does that mean that if I were to substitute, bourbon, or even rum that it would ruin the beer or would it just give it different flavors or ABV?
  2. I was thinking of trying this one, but I have some questions/concerns about this. 1) It says it is a hoppy recipe, I was wondering if anyone has tried this could clue me in as to just how hoppy this beer is, I myself, DO NOT like IPAs at all and if it similar in hoppiness, i may avoid it. If possible, what could I do to lessen the hoppiness in this beer? In the instructions, it says to put whiskey in the beer when bottling, but only lists the amount as 1oz for 740ml bottles. Would I cut it to 1/2 oz for 12 oz. bottles? thanks mjk
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