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  1. Thanks to everyone for the replies. I have requested a kit from Santa this year, if that doesnt happen I will be buying one after the 1st of the year.... Looking forward to not screwing up my first batch!
  2. First off, Im new here! I have homebrewed in the past with friends that were hard core brewers: milling the hops, adding "stuff" to change the taste of the beer, huge set ups to produce gallons upon gallons of beer at one time, lots o sacks of said "stuff" boiling pots, etc... honestly is seems like a second job instead of a hobby so when I saw Mr. Beer I was intrigued, add the extract and wait. No boil over and minimal mess! I’m about to pull the trigger and get the set but I had to ask is it really as easy as it seems? Call me a skeptic, because I am. Like my daddy always said "If it seems too good to be true it probably is." Thanks in advanced for the replies
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