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  1. rockets red glare this is a very good recipe.

  2. I vote for OctoberFest Lager, Or give a choice of one of the above on your list.
  3. I've got a batch conditioning now for 5 weeks brewed as is. tried a bottle last week, good but strong which is fine with me.
  4. Since your talking yeast, I have 2 packets of safale us 05, how well would they go with Bewitched amber ale or Octoberfest?
  5. Yes, I'm drinking one right now it is better than the one I had 2 days ago. Just needs more time i guess.
  6. According to screwy I should use 1.5 tsp, I used 2.5 tsp
  7. Its patriot lager, it seems a lot like the cal that i finished last week. Kinda flat very small amount of bubbles in it. The PL seems to taste and feel watered down.
  8. there is a phitt, very little amount of bubbles in my beer, is the patriot lager not much different that CAL. when carbonated?
  9. I just tried a patriot lager w/ LME smooth that's been conditioning for 6 weeks, rock hard bottles and the beer has very little carbonation and no head. 32oz bottles 2 1/2 carb drops in each bottle.room temp 72. fermented 3 weeks.
  10. Newbies come on here looking for advice not criticism!
  11. Add some eggs and hash browns and you got a good meal.
  12. I just brewed a CAL w/ 1 pack LME smooth orange zest from 1 medium orange and 1/4 tsp ginger sampled tasted like BlueMoon.
  13. What temperature are you conditioning at? it says lager on the instructions, Just wondering because I'm bottling some this coming week. is room temp ok or should it be colder.
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