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  1. gophers6 This was the first kit I used from Mr Beer since Coopers took them over. I know the yeast was different since I never had the amount of activity in any batch like this one. Maybe the yeast used itself up, I am certainly at a loss for what happened. I just hope I dont have a batch flat brew. I did just buy a corny keg so maybe I can dump them all in the keg and carb them with co2 to save them
  2. Zorak1066 it was weird for sure. I wonder if I got a bad carb drop. It was still there real soft but it dropped out when I dumped the bottle. I was going to put a whole one in but I got a tad nervous I would blow a few up and thought I would go slow. Next time I am back to using sugar so this wont be an issue again. azmark I did just as you suggest. I will try one again in a couple weeks and see how it is. Thanks
  3. Hi All New to this forum, have had the LBK for several years and have made 10-12 batches so far. Except for the first they all came out good. Great taste and plenty of bubbles. I changed a few things this time and now need help to figure out where I went wrong. All batches before this one I bottled with the Mr B plastic liter bottles using sugar to prime. I always use the Mr Beer kits. Have not really broken out yet with experimenting. That day is coming. This batch was Patriot Lager, I used the LBK as always, used the Mr B sanitizer as always, except this time I put it in a cooler to control fermentation temps. I let it ferment for 3 weeks and the temp was a constant 70-72 degrees. It was very active making a ton of foam in the begining much more than I have ever seen. Another change this time was I used a hydrometer testing O.G. which was 1.040 and the F.G. was 1.009 no sweet taste at all. I used spring water this time as another first and I bottled with Mr B glass 12oz long necks.I followed instructions to the T and I always take sanitizing very seriously. Another first I used the carbo drops instead of sugar. I used 1/2 tab since they were 12oz and it was too hard to cut them 3/4 with the pill cutter I have. I allowed the bottles to sit inside a cooler (was afraid of bursting) for 19 days now at 69-71 degrees ( I use a digital thermometer) I decided to chill one and test to see what it taste like and it was just flat beer. Not sweet just flat. The carbo tab was still on the bottom and it came out when dumped. It was soft but still there. I read up online and decided to upend the rest of the bottles stirring up the bottom and then setting them back in right side up with hopes the yeast will awaken or get going. I did not see any cerbo drops in any of these bottles and when upended there seemed to be bubble activity. Ok that is where I am at right now. What is my next move? Thanks
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