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  1. C-ya

    Cherry Wheat

    Thanks. That makes sense. I'll look a little closer when I head back to the store. I want to grab some 4 liter wine jugs and start a batch of mead along with my first couple of batches of beer. I have an extra LBK on the way. Start my short and long pipelines!
  2. C-ya

    Cherry Wheat

    What's a good place to start with as far as drop count in an LBK batch? Cherry wheat, strawberry blonde and just about any blueberry beer are some of my favorites. I love the fruity taste, but I don't want to overdo it by using a whole bottle when 10 drops would suffice. My LHBS has some bottles that are larger than ones I saw linked in another thread.
  3. I used to get to GR once a month, but that ended about 2 1/2 years ago when I retired (USNR). Since then, I've been through there on 96/131 once heading north (and back home) last month when we went up to Boyne Falls. I've lived in MI since June of '03, and I think I have been swimming in the lake 4 or 5 times. Water stays too cold for me! I like fishing in it and on it, though.
  4. Thanks, Hazelnut! I have had a couple of the Greenbush brews at some of our local bars. Sawyer is just down the road from me and I have yet to go there. I want to try their bbq. I have heard good things about it. If you make it over this way, let me know and we can buy each other a beer.
  5. Old thread, but I'll bump it rather than start a new one. I'm in the St. Joe area and just decided to drag my LBK out after having it since oh, 1998* or so! Never used it, but watching the videos and reading around here and other places has convinced that I'll most likely want to kick my own rear end for missing the last 15 years of home brewing. I started drinking "real beer" around 1997 when I worked with a pharmacist who was a home brewer. I have appreciated and sought out good beer since then, but I have slummed it as well when the paycheck wouldn't support the good stuff. Anyway, looking forward to brewing and meeting some more like-minded folks. A local hobby shop has a get together once or twice a year, which I will now start hitting. *In the interest of honesty, I figured I would correct this. I dug into my kit and found the mix that came with it and saw it had an expiration date of 2006. The instructions had a 2002 copyright date. So that means that I most likely bought it in 2003 or 2004. The older refill was from a friend who didn't use and thought I might do something with it. But I still should have started brewing back in the late '90s!
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