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  1. If you aerated the wort before yeast pitch, there is no reason to stir it. I can't think of a real benefit to stirring, but someone will come along and let us know. For me, when I pull the spoon out after aeration and the yeast goes in, the lid goes on and I leave it alone.
  2. Believe the reviews when they say to let it sit. I brewed a batch after reading the reviews. I did the same thing everyone else did - I waited. A little bit. I waited a month for the first bottle. Good! A month later - great! A couple of months later - even better! Finally down to one bottle, I decided to leave it till the one year mark. Had I known how good it would be, I would have left the entire batch. I need to brew two more batches so I can drink one along and one to leave alone for a year to start drinking.
  3. Found the app and checked my mouse pad. It ranges from a 0 to a 26. I think I'll play with this a bit at the bar.
  4. A buddy of mine got slapped by a waitress at a Hooter's one night because he said he carried one in his wallet when she offered us some wet naps. I laughed heartily! He thought he was a player and he literally got slapped down.
  5. I brewed my first batch in exactly a year on the 2nd. The yeast has been in the fridge since I got it over a year ago. I was worried that it was 'flicted and wouldn't work. First day, no real krausen. By the second day, it was there, great smells were emanating from the LBK's, and a day or so later, I saw trub on the bottom of both of them. I pitched a packet in each LBK, so I think I'll be good, but I'll use fresh yeast from now on. The comment on the extract is that the flavor might not be (won't be?) as good and you might (will?) lose some body/mouthfeel. The HME/LME's tend not to impart all the "grainy" qualities when they are very old. And the Cowboy Lager is from back in the day...
  6. OK, thanks. I have enough other apps that I use infrequently, what's one more?
  7. I use my refractometer on brew day and my hydrometer on bottling day. I did what you did and compared the two on brew day. It was off by so little (and was it really? - the hydrometer is harder to read) that I use the refractometer only on brew day.
  8. I finally got mine put together today. Now I, too, can get back to brewing. You can see the temp in my lower level where I ferment in the winter. It is just too warm in the summer. I can finally use that fridge in the garage! I didn't see this thread, but I did build/wire mine the same way using a video on utoob as a guide.
  9. C-ya

    C-ya's stuff

    Pictures of beer-related things. Brews, accessories, utensils, ya know...
  10. From the album: C-ya's stuff

    I built this temp controller using an Inkbird controller (about $16 US on Amazon). I used the instructions from this video: Pretty easy to build.
  11. For my cherry, blueberry, and apricot wheats, I used 55 ml of extract and my notes say to use more. Of course, I like fruit flavored beer. If you want just a nice flavor without being overpowering, 50 ml or so should do nicely. I batch prime, so my 55 ml went into the bottling container. If you are bottle priming, you can divide 50 (or 55) ml by the number of bottles you think you'll get and use a medicine dropper to add the extract to the bottles. Oh, and welcome!
  12. Time to get Weissbier stocked up. I love my fruit wheats!
  13. I figured with multiples batches going at once, it could happen to me, too. Here is what I do:
  14. I like to do wheats, too. B&B, I'm going to copy your recipes and put them in my list of recipes to try. I made 3 batches last year that just had some flavored extract, but they turned out very good. I did blueberry, cherry and apricot. The next time will have some body additions (carapils, etc.) to the HME, altho there was no trouble getting rid of the ones I made as a Deluxe recipe with just LME.
  15. I haven't done any brewing yet. I have my temp controller, now I have to get it wired and get some brewin' supplies. Soon! If you have had one or even a clone and liked it, you would not be going back and forth, you would just be going - to brew it! I'll be sure to report back how it goes.
  16. Thanks much for the info! I'll see what I can do with it. A local brewery does a Double IPA that is most excellent, and friend does a PtE clone that is very good as well.
  17. @MRB Josh B ,is there any way to find the thread referenced above? If not, can @MRB Josh R come up with a PtE clone recipe with Mr. Beer ingredients?
  18. From another post where another user was not seeing sigs:
  19. Stroomer, were you asking how much water to dissolve the sugar in for batch priming? If so, I use about 1/4 - 1/2 a cup in a small sanitized pot. (It may be overkill, but whatevs...) Bring it to a boil and put the sugar in and mix it up/dissolve it. Let it boil again for about 30 seconds, then turn it off to cool. While it is cooling, I'm sanitizing the Slimline and siphon. Once that is ready, I pour the sugar solution into the Slimline and then start siphoning the beer into it. If not, the others pointed you to good resources for the total amount of sugar for the batch.
  20. Bighead beer, I bought a 4 pack of 1 gallon glass jugs (mini carboy? wine jug?) from my LHBS which also sells a lot of great beer and wine. They were pretty cheap as I recall - maybe $20 for the 4 of them. That's what I make my mead in. I started with a recipe from Storm the Castle, as creamz says.
  21. JP, the setting is in your Account Settings. Go to the upper right of the screen, click your user name and select Account Settings. Once there, you will be on the Overview tab. Click Signature and look for the slider. It is probably in the off position.
  22. You're welcome. I was like you and wanted to have some for summer, but once I started drinking them, they went quick and easy! I tried some of each of the fruit wheats at 3 weeks and they were good.
  23. In that case, add the extract to the bottle with your sugar. If you have a dropper measured in ml's (like from kid's medicine), put about 3-5 ml in each 12 oz bottle. In my batch, I ended up with twenty-two 12 oz bottles. Based on the 55 ml I used, it would be equal to 2.5 ml in each bottle. If you use larger/mixed bottles, divide the total amount of extract by the number of total ounces and then multiply that by the size in oz of each bottle to get the amount per bottle.
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