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  1. I'd say you are fine. Sometimes there are things on the krausen, sometimes on the wort after the krausen dies down. Make it, drink it, and live to tell the tale? It was OK. If you didn't get to tell the tale, there might have been something wrong with it. Kinda hard to get the killing kind of bad, but I guess it could happen...
  2. Kevin, I do my brewing with LBKs at the moment. I put the extract in my bottling container (a 2.5 gal Slimline) with the priming sugar and then siphoned the beer into the bottling container which mixes everything up. I do cap and gently rotate the Slimline once all the beer is in, but I do not shake it.
  3. SeabeeJosh (Navy, per chance? FC1(SW) here), I asked for and received a clone recipe for Fat Tire. Here is the link - Once you get some experience with the simple techniques, you can add grain steeps or partial mashes to achieve different things with your beer. I have yet to have any desire to go to all grain as I can make great beer using extracts and steeps/partial mashes. I watched this video that explains it in case you are worried that it is difficult: Have fun!
  4. gopher, how did this turn out? I like the look of this recipe and may do it this weekend with one of my other kits. The other kit may get the Josh treatment or a wheat angle.
  5. I've never used a booster pack, so I can't say what it would do, or even if my experience would match yours. I do know that the Oktoberfest with an LME is a GREAT tasting beer as it warms. Good luck! Keep reading and asking questions and you'll do just fine.
  6. Just brewed a batch of the WDA with a Robust LME. There's still enough cold weather left to enjoy it. I have two more batches and will most likely make them using some suggestions from this thread.
  7. I hear ya. Everyone has what they like. Maybe I'm too dumb to know that and like too much stuff!
  8. I have both a bench and hand capper. I have used the hand (wing) capper a couple of times just to do it, but I like the bench capper much better. I bought a used "vintage bench capper" off of ebay similar to this one: Link
  9. How did it turn out, Rick? I'll most likely brew another batch soon. Darn good beer.
  10. I did an apricot wheat using a Deluxe Bavarian Weissbeir kit (BW with Golden LME) and 55 ml of apricot extract. My notes tell me to use more extract next time as apricot isn't very strong. I also did a cherry and blueberry wheat using DBW kits. All were excellent.
  11. Next month is a year for me, too. Getting back to cooler temps so I'll get back to brewing as well. No ferm chamber yet, but I do plan on making one to allow year-round brewing because I sure missed my brews. No real stinkers for me, but the two I brewed in July and August were not quite like the previous batches of the same beer from winter.
  12. I used light and detected no molasses taste.
  13. I really like it, too. I have two bottles let from a Jan. brewing. Just keeps getting better! Hold on to most of it as long as you can because it just keeps getting better.
  14. I like blueberry wheat myself. The batch I made was Bavarian Weissbier with a Golden LME. I used 55 ml of extract in the Slimline with the priming sugar. My next batch will have more extract, but then I like fruity beers.
  15. Andre, I did that once. Kinda sucks, but it isn't really my goal to read each and every thread/post on the site.
  16. Not sure about Chrome on an Android, but I use FireFox on my Android devices and at the bottom of the page is a "Full Version" button. I click it and it looks like it does on my PC with FF. That may help it make more sense as you can see which topics/posts are new to you.
  17. C-ya

    apricot wheat

    I tried a Deluxe Bavarian Weissbier with apricot extract today bottled on 5-17. Darn tasty! It reminded me of Magic Hat's #9. Well, the apricot did, which got me to thinking I need to brew another batch of the #9 clone.
  18. Same with me. The IPA I made, I was drinking at 3 weeks and wished I had started a week earlier. My wheats are good at 4 (Deluxe Bavarian Weissbier), but they don't get worse as they get older - not like they sit for months or anything. Next batch I do, I'll try a 3 week old bottle.
  19. Interesting presentation. A lot of it is over my head, but it is cool to see the pictures. Reminds me of a place we ate and drank at in Düsseldorf. Zum Shlusser
  20. I traded and gave away quite a few of my first batches with guys at work. One lets me in his garden every summer so he is about to get his own batch of That Voodoo That You Do or Sugar On Top IPA. He really liked both. Two guys here at work make mead, so they got some for some mead. When my mead is ready, they'll get some of it. Other folks who I know like beer got some so I could get some input into my brewing. All have been received well, so I forged on. I need to get a few batches going with short maturation times as I have a few in bottles that need to stay there for months, not weeks. The wheats sure mature fast, so maybe some more of them, and the SOT IPA is another quick drinker, so maybe a batch of that for me. Alas, the plight of the homebrewer...
  21. If you ordered a Deluxe kit, it should have come with a can of HME and a pouch of LME (or whatever the webstore shows - usually LME). If not, call customer service and tell them what you ordered and what you received. If you received the wrong thing(s), I bet they will make it right and you'll probably (almost certainly) get to keep what you have.
  22. Welcome aboard, shipmate! I was a "target" sailor, but I'd let you buy me a beer if we ever met. You're getting some good advice here. Use your head, read and learn. There are tools (as suggested) that make things easier, but the point of it is to have fun and make stuff you like. I'm a few batches in and had to take a short break, but I'll be getting back to it in the next week or so. I have 4 LBK's sitting empty. Sacrilege, I know!
  23. They can be slippery little buggers, that's for sure.
  24. Sorry to hear that! When I use mine, I have it in the sample tube and start filling. That is only for FG. I use a refractometer for OG.
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