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  1. Yesterday evening I opened one of these that I had in the fridge for over a week, expecting the same thing. To my surprise, it didn't have the big, nasty bubbles the first one did, and it actually tasted fine! I drank it and am still here this morning to post about it. I'll try this again and see what the next one does. I was really disappointed that I was going to lose this batch, but now it is looking up.
  2. Welp, I think I screwed the pooch on this one. It tasted kinda "zingy" when I bottled it. I thought something may have been wrong but I decided to go ahead with the carb/conditioning. I tried one last Friday evening after having read the thread about infections and someone posting a link with pictures of oily, filmy bubbles on top of things. I poured a glass and the head was incredible! Huge bubbles that didn't really pop all that fast. As it did go down, there was a nice haze and film on the head. I'll open another one and get pics. I was just so disgusted with it I poured it down the drain without getting a pic. It still tastes "zingy". Doesn't smell bad, just looks weird and tastes a little off. I'll remake it, I'm sure. Josh, the recipe is missing from the new site though. I searched for weizenbock and just bock and it doesn't come up. Must have been a sanitization slip up. My first so far. Maybe I got a little complacent making that batch.
  3. This should be good! I had some a few weeks ago. Really good beer!
  4. Yep. I bottled a DBW this weekend and last weekend, and the trub was nice and light colored like yours.
  5. It must be rather old, prolly early to mid 2000's. My kit from 2002 and a loaner LBK each have that spigot. I batch prime, so it is not an issue that you can't use a bottling wand with it.
  6. I really liked the SOT IPA, too. I see myself making this one again.
  7. I'll look for the DFH. I really like IPA's, and I have liked all of the DFH brews I've tried so far.
  8. Vakko, I like the real deal, and I like my clone. I have a wide ranging beer palate. If we all liked the same thing, it might be pretty boring. But I wonder if we would even know??
  9. Opened a trub bottle of my Magic Hat #9 clone a week early. Lots of foam, but great taste. Next weekend, I'll buy the real one and do a blind taste test. This one seems to have more apricot aroma, so it may be too easy to tell. Thanks for the recipe, Josh!
  10. Yeah, I want to do a few. Big things like barleywines and things I'll drink the heck out of (the Magic Hat clone), I'll do in a 5er. Make it worth the time and energy to get more bottles of beer! I could use two LBKs, but the ease of a bucket (one container) and the low cost are pushing me to it.
  11. Gerry, my wife said she would buy me an ale pale for my bday. The recipe you posted will most likely be the second recipe I brew in it. The first will be a barleywine so I can get it aging.
  12. Add a little OxiClean to the soak. I do that and soak my bottles overnight or longer and the labels usually slide right off. Some have enough glue for 5 bottles and they take longer. I use a green scratch pad under hot water to get the glue residue off.
  13. 1side4, you need to get the wort (your fermenting beer) to a lower temp. Room temp of 70°F during active fermentation can be close to 80°F. This can impart undesirable characteristics to your beer. I ferment at 62-64°F ambient temp, which keeps my wort at 68°F or lower. If you are bottle priming, do like RickBeer does: empty, clean, sanitized bottles on one side, add sugar, move to the other side. When all bottles are dosed, check them. Then add your beer and cap. Once capped, gently - GENTLY - upend (turn over) and mix. Place somewhere to condition and carb at 70 (sounds like you have that part covered!). Good luck with it! But get it cool!
  14. I have one in the fridge right now for tomorrow.
  15. You are not required to use a heater with any of them. There are 2 outlets. Plug in whatever you want in them. The reason you want both is so that the temp doesn't drift too far in one direction. That is why you need both a heat source and a chiller. If you aren't going to use both, save your money.
  16. I really liked the Andygator when we were down there. Tasty brew!
  17. Kinda like me ordering Chinese. "Gimme a #8, please!"
  18. C-ya

    Star San

    I just picked up a bottle of StarSan. Nice to see the different ways to use it.
  19. Check out thescrewybrewer.com and look at the tools tab. Under it will be various items. Click bottle priming calculator. Just below it will be different types of beers with the traditional carb levels. Look at that and think about different beers you have had and how they were carbed.
  20. St. Joe here. From FL originally. Yes, I am actually FROM Florida! Moved up here in June of '03.
  21. Welcome! Yep, right on the 3 week fermentation schedule assuming temps are where they need to be. As I'm sure you have read, bottle and leave at 70°F or thereabouts for 4 weeks. Pop one in the fridge a day or 3 before you are ready to drink. Enjoy the fruits of your labor!
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