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  1. sdrake, batch priming at 2.5 vols of CO2 has about the same feel of fizzy bubbly-ness as normal beer of that style. When I first started brewing (batch priming from batch 1), I was using the temp of the wort at bottling, so it was either 64°F or 40°F, depending on whether I cold crashed or not. Using those temps yielded different amounts of priming sugar needed. RickBeer pointed out that the temp I needed to use was the highest the wort reached during fermentation. Since then, I have used that temp, and the amount of sugar has stabilized at 1.8 oz of dextrose. If I have a style that uses less, I put it in the calculator and use what it says, like the stout I bottled. I don't have my notes here with me, but I remember it being less than 1.8 oz. When I did my second batch (that I cold crashed), I used too little sugar and got a comment from a friend that it wasn't carb'd enough. My wheat beer was perfect, Oktoberfest a little light, Rose's Rambling Red is right on, Sugar On Top IPA is right on. You might be using a bit much sugar. Others have noted to use about 2/3 of Mr. Beer's recommended priming sugar amount.
  2. C-ya

    903 sugar on top

    suds, I don't think you will be disappointed. It will be in my rotation now, too. It's nice to start having some of my own beer ready to drink.
  3. C-ya

    903 sugar on top

    After reading this, I decided to open one of mine. Only in the bottle for two weeks, but, WOW! Great aroma, great taste. Bitter with a sweet follow-up. I will be making this again, no doubt about it.
  4. Brewed my Fat Tire today. Smelled really good cooking up! Gonna be really hard to leave it alone for a couple of months.
  5. I really like my refractometer. I bought a cheap one like linked above and it is doing a good job. It is matching my hydrometer. Can't ask for much more than that.
  6. C-ya

    Midas Touch

    Thanks, Yoop. Still learning to read. Didn't notice the extract word, right there big as life. That might not be too bad then.
  7. C-ya

    Midas Touch

    Thanks for the recipes, guys. I'm not ready for AG yet, but I saved the recipe, Gerry. Vakko, I'll have to get an order together and try the recipe you put together. I just started using Qbrew, so I'm adding recipes to/with it. I put the Aventinus recipe of Josh's into it, and my OG was within 0.001 of what it calculated. Yee haw!
  8. Thanks, Vakko. I'll give that recipe a try. I would like the creaminess of the rice, so I'll probably try Jim's suggestion to make a batch and boil to sterilize it. I may be able to find some pasteurized at a local tienda. Also, it looks like I can buy powdered and liquid concentrated horchata online.
  9. My mother-in-law and I were drinking the Rose's Rambling Red back to back with Killian's, which is her only beer. The Killian's seemed to be a bit maltier and less sweet, but it wasn't as pronounced after a few swigs. RRR has an LME and booster pack, so it seemed a little sweeter, but it may not really be. My m-i-l was really impressed with the RRR. She is a not a regular beer drinker, and when she does, it is only Killian's. I will be brewing this recipe again. I have Howling Red Ale conditioning now, so we'll see how that one compares to Killian's.
  10. Anyone want to take a stab at a recipe for this beer? I really, really, REALLY dig it. Is there any way to do it via extract or even steeping? The rice will be the sticking point. Here is what Blue Moon says about it: Cinnamon Horchata Ale, mucho gusto.For this beer, our brewmaster reached back to his roots and found inspiration in the traditional agua de horchata. Our cinnamon-spiced ale is his interpretation of this delicious Latin beverage. It’s brewed with natural long-grain rice for a creamy texture to complement flavors of cinnamon, making it the perfect treat for a get-together with friends. Malts: 2-row pale malt and long grain rice Hops: Sterling Hops Our Twist: This isn’t a classic beer style. We took a traditional Mexican non-alcoholic drink and made it into a refreshing beer. IBUs: 10 Original Gravity: 13.8 ABV: 5.5% AppearanceUnfiltered Ale with a remarkable golden color. Pours with a creamy, white head. AromaA rich cinnamon aroma followed by subtle sweet notes. TasteFresh cinnamon tastes balanced with a caramel maltiness. MouthfeelThe long-grain rice gives the beer a, creamy, medium body. FinishLight cinnamon notes gradually fade.
  11. urh, the Sears in Benton Harbor? I keep meaning to look there. By the way, we need to get together and share a couple brews. I mean, we're only 20 miles from each other.
  12. Jim, I'm thinking of doing both. I have 3 batches planned, so maybe I'll experiment with all of them. And by experiment, I mean, fruit+extract, extract only, and the third will be one of those. No "fruit only". I have heard too many stories of not getting enough fruit flavor from fruit alone to try it.
  13. Gotcha, Rick. Vakko, I'll keep that in mind. Don't want to ruin any batches for sure. Maybe I'll try 1.5 oz and see what I get.
  14. Rick, if I may since you're answering... On your wheats, are you adding any fruit to the fermentation or all extract at bottling? I am getting ready to place an order for 3 wheats and I'm trying to decide whether to add fruit after two weeks and extract at bottling, or just use extract only. Thanks!
  15. Vintage bench capper. I bought one very similar. ebay link ebay link Here's the one I bought. Mine is a little tall as it can be used for wine bottles, so I made a base for shorter bottles.
  16. Did he make it? Did the bottle kaboom? Inquiring minds want to know! I'm sure he's fine. I watched the Mythbuster's episode where they were launching all kinds of things with plastic bottles. Some of those bottles kaboomed in a pretty cool manner while they were "researching" how much pressure one could hold.
  17. Gerry, it was a bit warm, but not bad to me. The beer, on the other hand, might complain! I may be moving my LBKs to the floor this summer. I'll have to see what kind of air temps are at floor level. If they aren't cool enough, I'll be going the cheap controller / paint can heater way to control the temp in a spare dorm fridge I have.
  18. Thanks for the db, Josh!
  19. Unless the oldest one was stored in a garage or attic, I'd brew it, too.
  20. C-ya

    Irish Red?

    Just cracked a bottle of RRR yesterday for my mother-in-law's early birthday party (her birthday is 3-17). She likes Killian's, so I brewed it for her. It is better than Killian's in my opinion. The four of us that tried it all enjoyed it very much. Nice color, great body and good malty flavor that mellowed nicely as it warmed up.
  21. Thanks! Knowing this, I'll go buy a couple to taste test and see what I can detect. That may cause me to adjust my fermentation temp.
  22. Josh, I made this recipe last night. I used the Bavarian Weissbier yeast since I wasn't sure which to use and what the difference was. It came in a white packet (paper over foil) and the Oktoberfest yeast was in the gold foil packet (general ale yeast). I may make another batch exactly the same except use the Oktoberfest yeast. Since you know the yeast, what kind of difference should be expected?
  23. Nice going! I have 4 conditioning right now, with one being ready next week. I'm trying one this weekend for my mother-in-law's birthday (a red (Rose's Rambling), since she likes Killian's). Hope she likes it! This weekend is 5 weeks, and OG dictated a 6 week condition, so I'm thinking it will be just fine. Should be better as it sits, but I'm sure it won't kill us today. I like brewing on successive weekends so I can bottle on successive weekends, rather than a marathon brew session (ha!!) and a marathon bottling session. I had two to do this weekend, so I bottled yesterday and today.
  24. Bottled mine today. OG was 1.063, so I'll start drinking at 4 weeks.
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