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  1. No you can't cause I just did it and the cap twist right off. The part that kills me is I just washed and cleaned 24 bottles then I decided to try the cap on it jokes on me it twist right off. all that hard work for nothing lol
  2. Hello all I am sure this topic has been Covered but I'm going to ask anyways what is the difference between a pop off bottle and a twist off. I ask cuz I got some Sam Adams Bottles that you need a bottle opener to open but yet I put a bottle cap on it And it twist right off now I did notice that some bottles have a threaded top some are smooth I assume that the smooth one's are pop off and the threaded ones are twist off.
  3. That beer came out crystal clear can't wait to try it
  4. Ok so I thought I filled it exactly to the 8.5 mark but I could of accidentally put more in now when I filled my bottles I stop filling when it reached the neck of the bottle so I probably lost an ounce or two in each bottle
  5. So after 3 weeks in LBK I bottled my beer today. I filled 24 12Oz bottles and some left over is that normal I figured it might be cause of all the sludge at the bottom of the keg.
  6. I think you Accidentally put Bud on your toss out list it may tastes like water but still good lol
  7. Were would you get such a hose like that were it is clean enough I know the hardware store has that but not sure how to clean one out lol
  8. Lol sorry was not sure how I did this second post how do I delete it
  9. Thanks Rick so everything is no good then thanks I Don't know why this post double posted here
  10. Hello all I have a friend who bought a beer kit like a 1 or 2 years ago but never used it does any of the ingredients go bad like the hops and yeasts and malt and what ever else he may have.
  11. Hello all I have a friend who bought a beer kit like a 1 or 2 years ago but never used it does any of the ingredients go bad like the hops and yeasts and malt and what ever else he may have.
  12. Lol don't feel bad I don't have my own beer to drink to I got stuck drinking bud light water last night
  13. Happy new year to you to. Research and research and talk about day and day out that is a good thing I just tell the wife it better then being out at the bar with the guys
  14. Lol Rick you want a honest answer I breezed through them read what I needed to read hard to read with kids running around and staring at the screen reading for to long time gives me a headache
  15. Lol I new someone was going to say something about my bud light
  16. Well this stinks being a new brewer I have no homemade beers to bring in the new year I should of bought MRBEER along time ago oh well a bud light will have to do. Cheers and happy and safe new year and remember to think before you drink and drive leave the car at home
  17. holy cow I only want to put a cap on a bottle I don't want to crush the bottle lol how is that different from the wing capper other then it looks to be easier to use.the wing capper look like it has to be on perfect or it don't seal right
  18. ok so twist offs are bad to use I have some bud light bottle guess I won't use them.
  19. I like the idea of reusing my glass bottles my neighbors is a drunk I can get some from him lol maybe just buy mrbeer beer caps should work for them then I would think what do you use to wash them
  20. Hello all So I was thinking of buying more bottles I would like to get the 24 pack 12 ounce bottle kit. But all the talk about bottle bombs has me a little nervous lol Wich one do you all use or prefer plastic or glass.
  21. Glad to hear the good news. That is awesome that MRBEER backs there products
  22. Hello all hope everyone had very merry Christmas so question for all brewing guru. I was just curious how long most of you keep your beer in the keg for the fermenting process I was going to keep mine in for 2 to 3 weeks. also how long do most of you condition your beers I was going to condition mine for 3 to 4 weeks in room temperature then another 2 weeks in the fridge. I was just wondering how long you all do your is mine to much or to little i read all about it I was just wanted other opinions thanks mike PS sorry about the bad English I really hate writing lol
  23. so mine has been sitting in my closet with temps from 68 to 72 degrees and I don't have a stick on does that mean that my wart is at to high of temps
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