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  1. I feel like I missed out making a pumpkin batch this year. Totally slipped my mind to get started by now. I shall live vicariously through the forum, and the cases and cases of pumpkin beer I buy at the markets!!
  2. Brewed up the Shillelaghs Stout recipe today. My IG was 1.041. Right on the nose, I finally figured out how to read the damn hydrometer correctly, and/or actually did everything correctly. Which is troubling. My readings have been WAY off with the other 8 or so batches. That beer tasted good!! We will see in about seven weeks!!
  3. Glad for this thread. I have had the same problems and wondered why, now, I hope, I know.
  4. HA. I get that way as well. I want to drink them all at once. I did not know about being able to take them out of the fridge and condition some more. That is good to know.
  5. I am interested in this one. Keep us posted and good luck!
  6. I think it is a little too late with this batch since you put them all in the fridge. You still have beer, but, I hope you like green apples. Did you test it with a hydrometer after 3 weeks, wait two days and test it again? If not, try that with the next batch. You will know that it has finished fermenting. And maybe not put them all in the fridge at once before testing!! Do one or two after four weeks to see if they are ready. It is rare, but sometimes it takes longer than the 3-4 method. But you still got beer and you have lesson!! Enjoy.
  7. I never have the urge to check and recheck and check out the LBK's again. I just check the temperature every three or four days. I have a friend who can not go three hours without looking! He can not wait for it to finish and always drinks or ruins his batches!! HAHA Then he drinks half of mine. I think I need a new friend. I know what your handle means only because I read the "Top 100 guitarists of all time" article the day that BB King died.
  8. I just used a bottle tree with rinsing pump. It was the BEST. Saved me so much time. But, a hydrometer was also a must, and figuring out how adjust the points based on the temperature was just important. Oh and that damn meniscus.
  9. Yeah, just flat beer. The four I had prior, and the four I had after, it didn't really make a difference!! But was not aware of adding sugar afterwards. Good to know.
  10. Well found one of my bottles where I forgot to add the sugar when bottling. Of course, I drank it, but whoa!
  11. Well after a move and finally getting settled. Got the 8th batch down, the chug-a-lugger recipe. I got five more recipes ready to brew (picked up at the last sale) It is good to get back to it. I am still unsure of how to properly read the hydrometer, but I got readings and hope and plenty of beer.
  12. You have convinced me, Nick. I am doing your recipe. I am also down with the recipe collaboration as well. I got plenty of Peanut Butter Cheerios!!!
  13. It is a great recipe. So good in fact, I have ordered three more and plan on making slight variations/additions of each until I have what I am looking for. Cheers!
  14. This is why the forum is so great. I never thought of filling it up with warm water and few drops of unscented dish soap and let it set. Granted, I have only cleaned an LBK like seven times. But still. I wipe down the inside with a sponge and warm water and dish soap. Then use my sprayer to clean out the inside until clear. The filling up method seems like it woiuld save time cleaning, and water.
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