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  1. As someone who consults companies on site usability and mobile experience, my "professional" opinion is that y'all did kick ass job! Cheers.
  2. You had me at Dragon's Milk clone... care to share any details?
  3. I've brewed and sampled 8 different Mr. Beer/Cooper's styles, and while I enjoyed some of them a great deal, all of them had shared a similar flavor, that I just can't get past. It's not bad. But I feel that I can identify Mr. Beer brews quite easily. To be clear: I'm not knocking it. I feel the same way about some "big name" craft breweries, that I drink quite frequently. Between the 8 Mr. Beer/Cooper's that I've tried, different yeasts, adjuncts, hops and water have been used. Which leaves the extract: I assume that they use a uniform method to create their extract, and/or their extracts share a lot of similar malts between the varying styles? I don't see this similarity with the AG batches I've brewed and was curious as to if anyone else noticed a shared flavor profile with Mr. Beer/Cooper's? Thanks.
  4. I got it for the new, unused, LBK and spigot, 1 liter bottles and caps, but ended up with some HME and Booster as well. The HME is High Country Canadian Draft with an expiration of September 2010. Is it safe to use? There are no dents or bulges in the can. And if so, should I include the booster as well? I've got some Mr Beer yeast that I'd throw in, because I can't imagine the old yeast is any good.
  5. I just bottled my first batch from my 8Lx on Sunday. While I didn't have trub in the spigot, it was caked across the bottom to right under the spigot. Not having space in the fridge to cold crash, I propped up the front two legs while bottling. This seemed to work out pretty well, with minimal trub in the bottles.
  6. Rick - The scratches occured after I added the Brewery Wash; I rinsed out the trub and added the Brewery Wash, stirring with the same silicone whisk I used when aerating.
  7. And the hits just keep on coming: I just washed out my 8Lx with Craftmeister Brewery Wash, following the mixing instructions on the container, and it looks like the bottom of the fermenter got scratched to hell. I used a cotton wash cloth. No sponges, scrubbers... So, am I supposed to throw out the 8Lx, being that it's plastic, or am I okay?
  8. I bottled my first batch today and the bottling wand leaked like crazy! It wasn't a few drips after each bottle, but a constant drip drip drip. I ended up flipping the spigot up after each bottle. My wand consists of 3 pieces: a clear tube that inserts into the spigot, a blue tip that goes around the tube, and a small blue piece with a black rubber seal that rests inside the tip. Am I missing anything? I've read about a spring-loaded wand, but wasn't sure if the Mr. Beer wands had a spring? Or is the dripping normal? Thanks.
  9. As I understand it, when using the Mr. Beer bottling wand, proper headspace is achieved on standard longneck bottles and 740ml PET bottles, so long as the bottling wand is pressed against the bottom of the bottle. How would one account for headspace on short bottles like Sierra Nevada and North Peak/Red Stripe? Curious, because I have cases of "short" bottles that I planned on reusing, whereas I only have a dozen or so longnecks. In addition, will I need to cut the Mr. Beer carbo drops when using short bottles? I assume that 12oz = 12oz regardless of shape. Thanks!
  10. Thanks, Rick. I used your site search method, as I had no luck finding anything by using the search function, and still had no luck.
  11. I'm a week into fermentation and while I'm still seeing visible activity, the krausen isn't is as high as it was on day 3. Did I miss the best opportunity to remove the collar, or am I correct in following the recommendation in the Mr. Beer instructions, by removing it today? Or should I let it go longer? I'm using Safale S-04 at the low end of the temp range (61°), and see about a 1/2" of trub at the bottom of the 8Lx. Thanks.
  12. I can't say what my relative paid, but Meijer (a local super market chain) has the refills on clearance for under $7 right now.
  13. I've got a modified Pilsner recipe fermenting right now, but plan on brewing the Everyday IPA next. I'll let you know how it turns out.
  14. Upon hearing that my wife bought me a "brewing kit" for Christmas, a relative bought me a Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday IPA refill. http://brooklynbrewshop.com/beer-making-mixes/everyday-ipa-mix While I'm interested in working my way up to all-grain, I've got an 8Lx and assume that even with the krausen collar removed, there would be too much headspace to allow for proper fermentation? If the above is true, then I imagine I could combine the Brooklyn Kit with a pouch of Mr. Beer LME (or two), some additonal hops, and some new yeast, and make something drinkable? I'm sure there are other options/combinations, so please let me know. Thanks.
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