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  1. congrats! let the wait begin!
  2. thanks! and unfortunately for me (canadian) i don't think the free shipping applies. and the shipping is crazy stupid with ups internationally. one regular refill is almost $60.
  3. thanks! well i am looking forward to that first satisfying drink.
  4. cool, thanks for the info, i didn't think this was possible. i'm such a newb! and also i may have to do a better search next time, i didn't find it when i did
  5. next is Muntons Canadian style ail
  6. I have a friend that had been homebrewing for a while now. i think he's a lot braver than me and this is why. he had recently gone to our local homebrew store and i don't know how it came up but the guy at the store said that it is possible to re-use the trub from the previous batch to put into a new batch of wort instead of pitching new yeast. i'm skeptical about this one, but my friend will try it out anyways. what do you guys think? is this true?
  7. bottled my first brew today!

  8. will do! yeah they are tucked away. out of sight out of mind... well in theory! haha
  9. i'm so exited! today was bottling day for my first brew ever! everything seems great. it smelled like beer and tasted like beer. now for the month long wait!
  10. i'll second that! its way to expensive to order from mrbeer ans a canadian
  11. oh no goal at all, i was just curious. i have just read a lot of stuff and it was a though i had. like how much or how little of hme could be used i guess like if there was a limit.i'm sure either way it affects something. i'm still trying to learn, and i know there is still a lot i have to learn. trust me, right now, i'm just making the kits as is, will be doing that for a while.
  12. oh wow, that seems like a lot to me. but i'm just a beginner. I din't think it could be that much. i gotta do more reading now. that just opened a door to more questions. haha
  13. iv'e looked around for this and was not able to find an answer, i'm not planning on going all "mad scientist" its kinds just out of curiosity. i know some recipes may require more i don't think some would take less, but is there a minimum or maximum amount of hme than can be used in the LBK? thanks!
  14. yeah canadian tires does have the kits but it's usually a seasonal thing.. as in xmas. but some by my are still have some but most are gone.
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