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  1. Yeah, I've also re-used it shortly after bottling to sanitize the equipment for another batch. I usually make a fresh jug of the sanitizer if the jug is a week old or more.
  2. Yep, I occasionally will use a 1G glass jug when I'm making a 1G batch of Beer. Works fine, I use a blowoff tube into a bottle of sanitizer for the first few days and then switch to an airlock. Of course using the 2G LBK alleviates that problem of needing a blowoff tube or an airlock.
  3. You may have told me before, but what is that beer recipe program you're running on your phone?
  4. I made one of these Gluten Free Beers awhile back for a guy at work that has that issue. It was a basically a 1G Belgian Pale ale recipe from CraftaBrew using sorghum and the amber candi sugar instead of the malt extract. Turned out pretty well, according to him and his brother.
  5. Thanks, it's a homemade laundry soap (washing soda, borax) mixture with no fragrance added. The wife also adds our goat milk soap to that for the laundry, but I just use those two ingredients. I've looked for the oxi-clean free in local stores, but haven't found it yet.
  6. My favorite are the Sam Adams bottles, the others on your list seem to work good too. But there's been a few that just refuse to come off. I use hot water with either a strong solution of one-step or a laundry soap mixture. I usually leave them in the bucket a day or two. I then rinse them a couple times and put them on my bottle tree to dry.
  7. TonyKZ1


    I also print my own on regular paper. I use a edited .pdf file from Brooklyn BrewShop and also Beer Labelizer. I print them, then cut them out, and attach to the glass bottles with milk, when I still used the plastic 1 Liter bottles I used a glue stick. The labels come off easily in hot water when you rinse them after drinking the contents. Here's a couple of my recent labels.
  8. Yeah, I don't do that anymore. I recently had such a bad problem with the hop parts clogging the bottle filler wand that I now put them in a small muslin bag along with a few glass marbles/beads to give it some weight, whenever I dry hop. I had to keep stopping, remove the bottle filler, clean it, re-assemble, and sanitize that I finally just quit bottling that recipe. I was close to being done anyhow, so I didn't lose much beer, but it seemed like it took forever to bottle it.
  9. Hello and welcome to the hobby/obsession!
  10. Congrats, that looks like it ought to work just fine. I've put mine on the front of the keg, above the spigot, but that's cause my kegs are setting next to each other on the table and for me it's easier to see.
  11. Hello and welcome to the hobby/obsession. Yep, the best hobby where you get to make beer! ;-)
  12. I've added grapefruit flavor to an IPA that way. As per the 5G recipe, steep 2 oz of grapefruit zest in a cup or two of vodka for a several days and then add that along with the dry hops to the fermenter a week before the bottling date. When I was bottling, the grapefruit kept clogging up the bottling wand, so next time I'll put it in a mesh hop bag. However, the grapefruit came through pretty strong and most people who like IPA's have said they liked it.
  13. ^^ Yes, definitely put it in a hop sack. I recently made a 5G Extract w/steeping grains Grapefruit IPA recipe, it called for 2 oz of grapefruit peel to be steeped in vodka for a few days along with extra hops to be added to the fermenter a week before bottling. I had a heck of time bottling it as the grapefruit peel pieces kept clogging up my bottling wand. I had to stop and clean the bottling wand several times. However I was able to get it all bottled and the IPA's aroma and taste are wonderful.
  14. I was going through their other items and they've got quite a few thing on sale. Thanks for posting this, Hoppy.
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