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  1. I find that the best part of using the hydrometer is drinking the beer you just tested! Even flat it's better than beer delivered by a team of draft horses!
  2. Josh...that really did make me laugh out loud!!!
  3. I have no Czech Pilsner left, IPA is 5 days into conditioning, and the Bavarian Weissbier went inti the LBK tonight...live this hobby. Since my pipeline ran dry, I'm drinking a Hopidillo tonight
  4. I washed with the cleanser and sanitized with the sanitizer
  5. I bottled yesterday and started by washing the bottles with a no rinse cleanser and put them on a bottle tree to dry. Then I washed everything else with the cleanser. Just before bottling I mixed my sanitizer and started all over again before I bottled. I had the caps on the counter in a bowl of sanitizer where I could take them right out and onto the bottle. I placed the bottles in a cooler and filled them with a wand, doing six at a time - fill, cap, case. That way they didn't sit around with tops off more than a minute or two. The cooler contained any spillage.
  6. Yeah, but I still have to read the thing....that in itself was a challenge!
  7. 5.5 or 6.5, after a few of these who'll know or care? woo hoo!! Bottom line here is I think I learn something every day in this hobby, and get great tasting beer in the process. I appreciate the correction Rickbeer, next time I'll run it by you again and see if I get it right! The biggest problem I have is my nephew helped me bottle yesterday and after tasting the result, absconded with half my stash!
  8. More likley the principal, but that's another story!
  9. He wouldn't be surprised! It is calibrated at 60 degrees. I was going off of the instruction "the instrument will read 1 degree too low because beer is less dense when warm.....you will have to add the correction to the apparent reading". It showed an example of a 70 degree reading of 1.039 would actually be 1.04.....so I was actually adding .10 not .01?
  10. I think I got this right....first time measuring theses so I just wanted to run them by everyone. My first OG measurement was 1.05 at 70 degrees so I added 1 for an actual OG of 1.06. My FG on 1/30 and on bottling day, 2/21 was 1.008 at 70 degrees or FG of 1.01. If I did this right I have an ABV of 6.5. If I got this right my old chemistry teacher would be amazed!
  11. This is my second batch, but my first "big batch" (5 gallons). I posted yesterday that I was worried about it, but just like the masters said......I stopped worrying! The IPA that I brewed has an ABV of 6.5 and if I knew how to determine the bitterness index I would...but it is bitter, and delicious, even while still flat! NOW.....at least 3 weeks in the bottles before I taste it again.....time to get the LBK cooking the next batch!
  12. Thanks khawk....I looked pellicle up and no it doesn't look anything like those disgusting photos
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