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  1. I just used the 2 gallon brewmax and I love it. However, the bottling wand kept leaking in me and I ended up using the spigot with a funnel just to reduce the mess. I won't lie, I may have not put it in properly but I did it the way the Mr. Beer video demonstrated.
  2. Hey Friends, I just finished my first brew which was the cal and it cam e out great Following the 3 4 3 rule. I am now trying the northwest pale ale, should I still I still follow the 3 4 3 rule for this brew or would anyone recommend something different? Thanks in advance
  3. there is actuasully a grocery store called thriftway a few blocks away from me (in nj) which is where I got my 7th generation. It was a little pricey in comparison but was exactly what I was looking for to clean my lbk
  4. Update: I bottled this first batch yesterday. I sampled a tiny bit and it was actually pretty good! Now to start my next batch and play the waiting game haha
  5. Awesome! I bottled my first batch last night as well. The waiting is the hardest part haha and as you had said, my beer tasted pretty good for being flat! I already ordered my refills for my next batches too!
  6. Awesome guys! George what town are you from that your also about 20 min away from pholly? And I just bottled my first batch last night. Now to just wait 4 more weeks until its done haha
  7. Hey everyone,I was bragging about this forum and brand to my best friend. Hos favorite beer is moosbacher hence the title. Does anyone have a recipe that is similar to this German beer? Thank you in advance
  8. Yes exactly! I think a lot of us who are new to brewing tend to panic over the slightest changes because there is so much downtime while waiting for the wort to ferment and condition. And I am thankful to have a community like this to increase my knowledge on brewing and to keep my worries low and my hopes high!
  9. Ok great! I feel better now! And I do sincerely thank you all for your time and advice,I even had some of the users I follow the most on this thread. I was starting to think it was probably part of my learning curve and hoping it was me second guessing myself.
  10. Yeast rafts? Go on... this is the part where you explain what the hell a yeast raft is and we all laugh at my naive paranoia and I thank everyone for the advice knowing my brewing is going on as planned
  11. It kind of looks like randomly floating trub (white in color and occurring in extremely small light patches) and there is also what appears to be some trub stuck on the boarder of where the wort stops at the top of the lbk (around the 8.5 mark). Does that all sound normal? I have noticed that there is more bubbles and krausen then I realized when I made this post.
  12. No no it doesn't look like that at all. I wish I could get my pics on here bit can't with the size limit
  13. Hahaha I love the disclaimer. You guys are too fumany. Also I am quite relieved that you guys think I'm ok. As I said in my original post,I am sure I am being paranoid
  14. I never opened my lbk which is why even the pictures I did get even if I can't post them here don't look so great. Its in my dark closet so the flash kept glaring but if trub is the main thing to look for then I am set. Thanks again guys
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