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  1. I have bought every hme they sell. I prefer ipa's and have been drinking all craft beers for many many years now. I now have a closet full of conditioning mr beer. My most recent beers that hit the 4 week condition point was the diablo ipa, nw pale, seasonal dopplebock. Strangely they all tasted very very similar except ipa was slightly hoppier (only in bitterness, not flavor or aroma). I know the dopplebock will take longer to condition due to higher OG, but I was curious. I think I just get a "sweetness" from the beers that just throws me off I guess I just made my 3rd 5 gallon lme / hops and steeped grains batche this past weekend. To be fair I just do not think the hme's work for my taste buds. I also enjoy the full process.
  2. I guess I am just frustrated that after 4 months, I still have not had a beer that tasted good (in my opinion) and yet I followed the directions. And like you said Rick, it is hard to screw up making beer, but somehow I feel I have. I think I just expected more. Oh well, time will tell.
  3. What is the recommended wort temp to pitch Mr Beer yeast? Lowest to highest.
  4. No additional sugars or booster. yes to all the rest. as for pitching temp, used refrigerated water as recommended.
  5. Speaking of pitching temperatures, from Fermentis for US-05 "Alternatively, pitch the yeast directly in the fermentation vessel providing the temperature of the wort is above 20°C (68°F). Progressively sprinkle the dry yeast into the wort ensuring the yeast covers all the surface of wort available in order to avoid clumps. Leave for 30 minutes, then mix the wort using aeration or by wort addition." Beer making can be confusing?????
  6. I have 11 more Mr Beer batches conditioning. I will give the one's I have already listed more time. As for pitching temperature, I refrigerate my water and follow the instructions. The last 6 or so read around 64F when I pitched. What is to cold to pitch Mr Beer yeast?
  7. Doing everything by the book. I have tasted the basic wheat, basic pilsner, dark winter, nw pale, diablo, and dopplebock. All but the first 2 pretty taste the same to me. Maybe "caramel" is a better description. I love and have loved Hoppy beers for a long time and mainly drink them. Maybe it is just me.
  8. Is the S-04 as active as the Nottingham. Doing a 5 gallon split into 2 lbk's and was curious. Will the 2 large baking sheets contain the spill?
  9. I have the lbk's on large baking sheets with 1" tall sides. In your experience will this hold the spill? I plan on loosening lids 1/4 turn.
  10. They mention not to use wort for rehydration because it will cause a loss. Just assumed pitching straight to wort was the same thing. Must be plenty lest to do the job though. I have noticed you loosen lid a quarter turn for these "active" scenerios. I will probably do the same. I will let it overflow, clean LBK caps, sanitize, and put them back on.
  11. 1st time using this yeast, and read their data sheet. I normally pitch yeast dry into cool wort, and most data sheets for other yeast say it is fine, but this one says not to. Has anyone else pitched this yeast dry with good results?
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