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  1. I use star san. It leaves behind a massive amount of foam. Is this ok? I have assumed it is and have gone with it so far.
  2. Went ahead with it. Now that there is beer in the bottles, the cap won't turn. All will be good now.
  3. No. I have a capper and everything. Bottles were pry off
  4. That's not what I wanted to hear. It's hard to turn them but can be done. Kinda hurts the hand.
  5. I have some glass bottles and acquired a capper. I tried it out and found that the cap can be turned a bit after crimping. Is this ok or will my beer go flat?
  6. Does sound good. Let us know how it turns out.
  7. Come on guys. Quit joshing the Joshes
  8. I just read some more. It is not against State law but is against federal law as you mentioned above. Damn Feds!
  9. Well, I'll not tell my buddy about that. I am very much enjoying the fruits of his labor.
  10. http://americanhomedistillers.com/home-distilling-laws-is-it-illegal-to-make-moonshine-in-missouri/ Am I misunderstanding this
  11. Far as I know, it is legal in MO to produce moonshine without a license. Something like 100 gallons per person (21 or older) per year.
  12. You have obsessed over every little step and have been perving your LBK daily for 3 weeks. It's time to bottle and it would totally suck to ruin your batch at this point. The next BIG step is bottling. I feel your pain. I'm new...ER and the fear hasn't gone away yet. Follow the steps on the DVD and it will be alright. 4 more weeks and you get to bask in your very own home brewed beer.
  13. Bad??? May not be the best but DO NOT TOSS THAT BOTTLE. Drink up. We do not talk of TOSSING BOTTLES in the forum. There are people in your own community that are alcohol insecure and don't know when they may get their next beer.
  14. Do we have a recipe page? That would be nice and more user friendly. Mr B???
  15. I would sanitize that spigot before bottling though I lean towards OCD.
  16. Not that I'm going to rush out and buy peanut oil, but can you have too much head room in your fermenter? I thought I read somewhere that you could.
  17. This is assuming that you are not using a lager yeast. That is different altogether
  18. Yes. Lager or "condition" at room temp for time specified.
  19. The lager time is conditioning time. "Condition " for 2-4 months at room temperature.
  20. I thought that was his daughter. Wow!! You got it goin on Joe.
  21. Mr B. Ricks post should be stickied and posted on "advice for new brewers". Maybe you could publish his work here and include it in your kits. I am going to print it out, frame it, and hang it above my LBK.
  22. Great video Rick. I was waiting too see that hydrometer take a suicidal dive though.
  23. The yeast will only eat certain sugars and then fall to the bottom so over fermenting is not a problem. Leaving it in there too long may give you off Flavors though. I would recommend racking to a secondary.
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