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  1. Thank you for all your help and points of view! You are a welcoming group of people. This is all just for my knowledge. I really enjoy micro brews and expreimental drinks. I also really like dark beers and lagers. Specifically I like Sam Adams Octoberfest and Guiness. I trule enjoy all beer though. I like I.P.A. kick in the mouth to the choclatey sweetness of some of the crafts I have had. 1) Okay I didn't ask this question very good. Is there something other than hops you can add for bitterness if you don't like hops flavor (though I LOVE it) 2) So I can make honey mead then which was my first intention anyway. 3) So I will not spend money on the booster then, thank you. If wanted I will design my own. 4) I keep hearing that when I add adjuncts. (don't worry my first batch is brewing straight from the instruction book this is for future refrence) I have to follow a 2/3 abv ratio of malt to adjunct. Does that mean that basically for every 2 quantites of malt I can add 1 quantity of fermentable sugars? Since I have the LBK I will use 2/3 the can of malt and 1/3 that same can of an adjunct. Is it that simple or is there more to it I am missing? 5) This is A LONG ways down the road but basically I have tried bacon beer and it was horrible and I was looking for some ideas to make a better one. I have pulled ideas offline but they don't sound.....appetizing. Thank You All
  2. Hello Mr.Beer world this is my first post. I am on the wagon of people who got Mr.Beer's LBK for christmas (at a freaking amazing price) I have always been interested in brewing and I understood that most use HMA syrup as a base to their beers. Well jumping to my first question (assuming all my terminolgy has been correct) do I even need to use HME or can I use a UME only? Basically, I am asking if you HAVE to use hops in beer? Sorry, ancestors but it seems that HAVING to use hops really kills the ability to experiment. So that was question 1, now question 2. I understand LBK doesn't have an airlock but does that mean I can NOT make wine's or honey mead using my LBK? 3. What is a booster? I know it adds alcohol but what is it? Its not sugar. 4. When calculating malt to adjunct do you inculde boosters and if so is it a simple 2/3 ratio? 2 cups/ounces/pounds/tons of malt per 1 cups/ounces/pounds/tons of adjunct or is it more complicated than that? 5. last but most important, can I add bacon falvor to my beer? Sorry for asking questions that have probably been answered 1 million and 3/4 times.
  3. I was actually wondering the same thing. I was wanting to make honey mead.
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