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  1. I fermented for 3 weeks, bottled for a little over 4 weeks(30 days), and refrigerated what I was going to drink for 3 days.
  2. Holy sh*t!! I've been drinking this delicious beer during my past 2 days off...what a brew! I'm so happy that a beer I made finally came out so tasty! I did add a packet of DME, hopped it during boil, and added orange peels 1 week into fermentation. Unlike the others, I very much taste the orange & coriander! It pours very malty, and has that wheat beer cloudy look. A nice high ABV to boot, I might add! Cannot wait to brew more! Thanks Mr. Beer
  3. Figured as much...holding out hope for the Belgian Blanc recepie I've got fermenting...
  4. Brewed a CAL with a pale LME as per all the Mr. Beer community suggestions of fermentation & conditioning time, sanitizing, temperature...etc I drank my first one after 3 days in the fridge; and there was zero head or lacing. It also has a relatively sweet aftertaste. While there is some carbonation in the beer, there is not nearly enough. I placed 1 carbonation drop in each bottle as the chart suggested. They were conditioned in the 16oz swingtop bottles from the Mr. Beer website, and the top popped off as to suggest there was sufficient carbonation present. I fermented in 66-72F, and conditioned in the same room with same conditions. What happened?? (attached photo)
  5. This particular recipe came with 2 no rinse cleanser packets.
  6. Great!! What is the extra bag of cleanser for then?
  7. Really wish it were warmer out....My member name would be much more prevalent!

  8. Hello all. I'm looking to sanitize a muslin bag for my first ever dry hopping adventure in a few days. The recipe I am brewing calls for a dry hop a week after the initial brew. I received 2 no-rinse-cleanser packets, and I am not sure how much to use to sanitize only a small muslin bag. Thanks in advance brewheads. Cheers!
  9. Excellent to hear, I love wheat beer! Should the crushed coriander & orange zest be put into muslin bags?
  10. Has anyone out there tried this recipe? I just received in the mail today, I can't wait to brew it. I'm hoping it's similar to Blue Moon.
  11. Thanks guys. Letting it ride shouldnt be an issue, about a week out before my other batch is done fermenting so I'll have another to do soon enough!
  12. So I was brewing my fourth batch yesterday and, just like normal, I test the spigot and everything checked out leakproof. I go ahead and add my ingredients, and pour everything into the LBK. Leaving the LBK on the counter after I pitched the yeast, I noticed the spigot had a very slow drip. I let it sit overnight thinking maybe it would seal itself up. It did not do so. Ticked off, knowing how I specifically checked it, I decided I could do 1 of 2 things: toss it, or reach in and tighten it. So I washed my arm really well with Clear liquid soap and reached my hand inside and tightened her up. Checked a few hours ago....no leaks. So the beer has been compromised, what should I expect to happen? Should I say screw it and toss it, order new ingredients, and brew a brand new batch?
  13. Rick, is it normal for them to get a little softer after being in the fridge? Reason I ask is because I plan on trying a few this weekend and put 3 rock hard bottles in the fridge. I felt them today, and they were noticeably easier to squeeze.
  14. When you say a pound, that's 2 of the LME packets correct?
  15. The Mr. Beer directions instruct you NOT TO STIR when you add the yeast to the wort. Yet other instructions I have read inform you to indeed stir "vigorously." I haven't stirred any of my 3 batches yet, since I trust the actually Mr. Beer instructions. I get stirring the wort up good to get it ready for the yeast and all, but its the additional stirring to get the yeast blended that I'm curious about. So I ask you, beer gods, is it the right thing to stir the yeast into the wort?
  16. Ahh yeah I figured as much, but how about off flavors flavors?
  17. What about perhaps combining a LME packet along with a booster...What would be expected?
  18. Thanks! Prop up the LBK when brewing or botteling?
  19. I bottled my first batch of Mexican Aztec Cerverza this afternoon. It fermented for 3 weeks in a temperature of approx. 66-70 degrees, out of sunlight in a cooler.The sample that I had, tasted very much like a flat beer. I then sanitized all the bottles, caps as per the instructions and also the spigot. When I was getting ready to put them into storage I noticed that some of the bottles were significantly lighter than the others. The majority are of the bottles are dark. I'd say 3-4 bottles are light, almost milky-like in appearance. I placed them all in a box in order to move them to the location where I store them, and I am not sure which bottles would of been bottled first; the light or dark ones. I did notice a thick white paste-like substance on the bottom of the LBK when I went to clean it out. What did I do wrong? Am I perhaps supposed to stir up the beer in the LBK before bottling?
  20. Wow just found that too. Sucks having to use a phone for this. Thank you though!!
  21. So I'm about a week out from bottling my first batch of Mexican Aztec. And I was thinking of ways to help curb my impatience, and it dawned on me: Buy another LBK and stagger them so I'll have more frequent things to do! So my question is: Is there someway to purchase solely the LBK without any of the additional items? I know I'll need bottles, and I've been saving all my poptop bottles so I won't need the plastic ones. Thanks in advance. Cheers!
  22. Just curious...what do the extra weeks do for the brewing process?
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