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  1. when it is time to bottle are you supposed to take the hop sack out or leave in until finished bottling thank you
  2. just liked the old one better but with time this one will be just as good i hope.
  3. taste great thanks for all the info
  4. when i opened my first bottle of a.l. deluxe the color was red did my temp get to high at high krausen thanks for your input.
  5. born in atl GA live in watervliet MI
  6. i just ordered from mb website went to sears and there is kits and refills on sale kits half price 2pk refills 14.97 so i got a refill could not pass up the deal,next time i will check before ordering.cheers
  7. table sugar works best for me carbo drops produced very little carb
  8. i tasted my cal with pale lme and 1/2 cup of honey and it was great,
  9. my beer was in bottles for 4 weeks at room temp they still don't have right amount of carb the cal was also a little darker than i thought it would be.other than that it taste good can;t wait to try next batch. cheers
  10. well later on yesterday the lbk was leaking so i had to bottle and found that lbk was broken by spigot,now i have to pony up for a new one.
  11. thanks rick it made the spigot leak but i turned it and it stopped ,it was on day 14 so how many more days should i let it go thank you for your wisdom.
  12. my wife knocked my lbk off the small tablle that i had it on in the closet in to the floor is this batch ok or should i toss it. thank you ,
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