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  1. No leak when bottling. So I assume what happened is as Rickbeer described. I didn't think that happened, because I assumed the outside of the Keg would be a mess, it was not.
  2. Interesting. Of the previous 4 or 5 brews, this was probably the third time I put the LBK in the cooler like that. Guess I just got lucky. I also think I used to open it once a day and take a peek, which would have allowed some heat to escape. This time I put it in the cooler and let it be for three weeks. Thanks for the explanation.
  3. Haven't brewed in about a year. Prior to that I made about 4 or 5 batches, without a hitch. I always put the LBK into a large cooler (No ice or anything) and leave it alone for three weeks before bottling. I'm brewing Diablo IPA, and today is three weeks. I opened the cooler to find a fair amount of beer rolling around the cooler. The beer remaining in the LBK is still at the correct level as per the hash line on the keg. I am certain that I did not overfill it 3 weeks ago. The outside of the keg is not tacky or sticky as I would expect it to be if beer came out the top. The spigot as far as I can see, is fine. One other thing is that small sample of beer I tried does taste like flat beer, but it has a very strong alcohol taste, more so than most beers I've ever had. Can anyone make sense of this? I suppose the spigot is leaking, but it sure doesn't look like it. And the level in the keg is still correct. I'm scratching my head.
  4. It's been about 8 or 9 hours, and I can see some foam just starting. It just seemed to me that in other batches it was much more dramatic after only a couple of hours. But it looks like it's starting. Thanks for the info, and Happy New Year.
  5. Made a few batches without any problems, then took about a year off. Today I started a Diablo IPA. I sprinkled the yeast in after following the directions closely, just as I've always done. But then...nothing. Memory tells me the wort foams up in the keg big time after an hour or two. But it's been about 5 hours and nothing. Will it still happen, or did I have bad yeast or something? Thanks.
  6. Since this thread has been woken up again, I figured I'd update. For the size bottles I use, the instructions say to add 2 sugar drops. I marked three of the bottles. I added a half a drop more to one, and a quarter drop more to the other two bottles. The two with an extra quarter of a drop had ever so slightly more carbonation, but no difference in the head from the rest of the batch. The bottle with the extra half a drop had a nice head, and exactly the carbonation I was looking for. I know that is an incredibly small sample size. But next batch I'll add a half a drop to about 4 or 6 bottles and see how they do.
  7. My first two batches were fine. I just prefer my beer with more of a head and more carbonation. Is there anything I can do to increase the level of carbonation?
  8. Hi, Two questions: 1) How many times can I use the plastic bottles that came with my kit? I'm wondering if the caps start to leak after a number of bottling cycles. 2) I drink Rolling rock. The caps twist off very nicely. Can I use these bottles and screw the caps back down? Or should I use new caps and the gizmo that snaps them down on a bottle? Thanks. PS, I do know I'll have to adjust the carbonation sugar for the smaller bottles.
  9. Once you've bottled your beer, what kind of shelf life will it have before it goes bad? And is there a point where aging doesn't make a difference any longer?
  10. Aztec Mexican Cerveza. It is one of the two that came with it. I don't like Dos XX, and it tasted more like Corona the other day. Hope that's how it tastes when it's carbonated.
  11. Even flat, it tasted pretty good. Now more waiting. Tick-tock. Tick-tock....... The day I started the batch, my wife thought it would be ready in a couple of hours.
  12. Funny. I made my first batch today, looked at the calendar and saw mine will be a day or two over by the time I get to bottling it. Glad I saw this before I posted the same question.
  13. Got my kit the other day. Will be starting a batch in 2 days. My question is, is it bad to pick up and move the batch while it's fermenting. Kind of unsettled on where I want it to ferment right now. Thanks. Steve
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