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  1. lol, RickBeer. I did what you and many others suggested and spent hours and hours reading old post and searching topics. I am taking baby steps, the beer is good and it looks like not only the best way but the only way to gain the knowledge to improve.
  2. I am trying to start a pipe line, i just bottled the Irish Stout last week.I think I am going to do another Irish stout but add the lme and booster. The first two batches were just basic, I want to start slow and learn before I try more advanced stuff.
  3. My first batch was a major success. I am enjoying my very own home brewed American Porter.
  4. Awesome info guys, you may just make a brewer out of me one day!!
  5. Oh, I was reading way to much into it! lol
  6. I was looking through post just trying to learn stuff and saw a recommendation saying that many brewers use less sugar than Mr. Beer recommends. I tried searching for more on this but had no luck. My question is why? What does using less sugar do? If I'm not mistaken, what I was able to read up on from other post, more sugar increases the ABV. Is this correct or am I misunderstanding these older post?
  7. I'm just across the state line from Dothan in Marianna Fl.
  8. I am two weeks out from enjoying my first home brew! Everything looks like it is turning out well. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve again! Thank you guys who helped steer me on the right direction!
  9. On a side note, I've been reading old post almost non-stop since I started this thread. I sure wish I had read before I started. I may have messed up on my temps. I was in the ballpark so maybe it will be OK, if not I will know better for the next time.
  10. Thanks, I just get lost in the terminology sometimes. I have been reading and learned a ton on this forum, I just sometimes have no clue what you more experienced guys are talking about.
  11. I'm as new as new can get. I ask you guys who are masters compared to me what reading material do recommend? I need to learn it all from basic terms to principles to even easy beginners recipes once I graduate from the pre packaged stuff.
  12. Thanks, stupid mistake on my part.
  13. I am new to brewing, currently brewing my first batch. I have been reading a ton on brewing and on the post and am a little confused. I am following the directions on the American Porter and it had me ferment from 12/26 to 1/2 and then bottle until the 1/16. Is this correct? Should I wait longer? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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