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  1. Thanks! Still a novice at this and first time I try something a little more involved, I mess it up. But I guess a little experimentation provides an opportunity for learning, right?
  2. Both actually. I tried to separate the hops from the Malt after it was in the boil. That is what is in the fermenter now.
  3. So I made the mistake of mixing my hops and 2 Row Malt. I tried to separate the two when I was making my wort but there ended up still being quite a bit of grain in the cheesecloth. Is this going to cause problems in fermentation over the next 18 Days? Will this cause an off flavor? Should I just scrap it and start over? Thanks!
  4. Hello all! Just brewed the German Doppelbock for the first time. This will be the fourth brew I've done and am looking forward to seeing how this one turns out. A couple of questions that I've had trouble finding answers to on the site: The only location that keeps at the recommended 55-59 degree fermentation temp is a cinder block basement closet that get no light. So...will staying in a rarely lit cold place like that affect the fermentation? And when it comes time to bottle and condition for a few months, what is the best temp for that? Back of the fridge, back in the basement or room temp? Thanks in advance! James
  5. Thanks for the inputs...I have fermented for either 3 or 4 weeks (no sugar during that) and bottle conditioned for 2-3 weeks before putting in the fridge for 2 weeks minimum. I sterilize as required...perhaps some remaining sterization in the bottles could do it...?
  6. So I am trying my third batch that I have made...the first two came with the home kit and then I tried (drinking it now) one of the wheat beers. The first, which was a lager tastes the same as this third wheat beer batch. Tastes almost like a flat beer but with some bitterness...I followed the brewing instructions to the letter, only adding a week to the fermentation and conditioning respectively. The first thing that comes to mind is that I am using granulated sugar....could that be the common denominator in preventing my beer from having the various flavors expected? Thanks in advance for your feedback and assistance...
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