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  1. So, after looking at some of the MB recipes using the Aztec, reading a bunch of postings here, on Facebook, and other forums, I'm thinking of trying a modification of the Noche De Luna recipe. 2 lbs. Smooth LME, with Tettnanger hops at a 10-15 minute boil with the LME, followed by Columbus for dry hopping. Am I going into "Mad Scientist" territory with the additional hops, or does it sound legit? Also, what yeast would you all recommend?
  2. Cool. Thank you. I had a feeling it wasn't anything specific, as no one usually mentions the amount of water. Bottling supplies will be here Tuesday, and Bottling Day will Saturday. So excited!
  3. Hi All, I'm not sure if I'm just overthinking this or just what, but how much water do I add to my dextrose? I've found numerous resources to fund out how much sugar to use, but nothing on how much water. Even "How to Brew" doesn't say anything about it.
  4. Allegan is home for me (between GR and Kzoo), but born & raised in Petoskey (1 hour south of the Mackinaw Bridge). West Michigan represent!
  5. Allegan, MI here! I'm bi-coastal (half-way between Grand Rapids & Kalamazoo). New to brewing and very excited to taste my second batch - Mexican Aztec.
  6. Anyone have suggestions on temps for cold crashing? I don't have room in the fridge for the LBK, but I have a covered back porch. Here in Michigan, temps are currently running around 20-30F. Is this too cold?
  7. My LHBS recommends "How to Brew" as well. Plan on picking up a copy s soon as possible myself.
  8. As far as cold crashing goes, I live in Michigan and right now temps are in the 20's-30's. Since there's no room in the fridge, could I potentially cold crash out on the back porch? It's covered, but there are no windows, so temps would be pretty chilly. Another option might be our basement. I'm not exactly sure, but I believe it's in the low-60's there.
  9. I think the Rogue Brewers link is dead. I can't get it to come up. Suggestions?
  10. Sweet. Again, thanks for all the tips/help.
  11. So add the HME to the water along with a hop sack with the hops. Got it. Does the sack come out at any time, or does it stay in until bottling?
  12. As far as adding the hops, add as the wort boils, or after putting in the LBK?
  13. Thanks for the tips! I am definitely about flavor over ABV. If I wanted to make moonshine, I would've bought a different kit. Nickfixit, I really appreciate the tips for adders. I have another Aztec refill, so maybe I'll give one a whirl with the next one. 3-4-3 it is, a little patience, and a whole lotta fun! thanks again! B
  14. Hi all! This is my second Mr. Beer brew, and I have a couple of questions. First of all, what is standard conditioning time for this particular brew? My first was the Octoberfest, and it took a good four months to develope a full flavor profile. I know this is more of a Corona knock-off, so I'm just curious if there will be a shorter conditioning time needed. Secondly, does anyone have any suggestions for kicking this up a notch or two? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, B
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