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  1. Probably a dumb question, but if Budweiser is 5% why are the standard refills 3%. That's 40% less than Bud. Is there something I'm missing.
  2. Lagunitas IPAs have a different mouth feel to me compared to other IPAs. I no expert by any means but it feels fuller or heavier if that makes sense to anybody. I know it weighs the same. I am just trying describe. Do they do something different? Can we make a version of their style here? Any recipes? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for all the advice everyone. I use the carb drops from mr beer. 2 drops in 740 ml pet mr beer bottles. All of my beer has tasted good. Just no bubbles after initial pour and very little at initial pour. I will switch to 4 weeks in bottle. I will really tighten the caps. For the experts here. 1. Can yeast get used up after 3 weeks in lbk? 2. Is batch priming better than drops? Sugar type make a difference? 3. Would a different yeast that I could buy at a local store be better? I pushed off bottling to Wednesday to get all your input. Thanks to you all.
  4. I am four LBK's in and all have been sorely lacking carbonation. I have been vigilant in reading here and follow the rules. 3 weeks ferment, 3 weeks in the bottle. Temps are good. I pour flat beer and it is embarassing. Tastes good, no sour or dank, just no bubbles. Carb drops are right. What am I missing before I quit and go back to store bought. I have 3 more LBK's to bottle tomorrow. Please help before bottling.
  5. Thanks for all the newbie help everyone. Citra hops seem very popular right now. Had a citra ipa the other day. I was good. Any recipe suggestions on using citra hops. Would it be a good dry hop?
  6. Can you give a short explanation on hopping? So we can't make a mr beer ipa (bitterness) without using an ipa hme? Sorry for the newbie questions. This is far more complex and fun than I thought.
  7. I have the powerful patriot ale recipe. It does not say to leave in or remove but to put in right before removing from heat.
  8. Second batch is bought and ready to be made. This one has pellet hops. Directions are vague. When do I remove hop sack or doesit ferment for three weeks with the wort? Thanks.
  9. My first batch is set to bottle in 1 week. American Light with the basic recipe. Time to plan batch 2. I would like to make a Coppers Sparkling type beer. It is listed in my manual but but not available for sale here. I know you guys can help with a recipe. Thanks. the three week wait is killing me.
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