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  1. The stuff on the bottom is the yeast falling out of suspension, total normal, you will get that with everything you bottle carb. It looks to me like yeast around the top also. In my opinion I dont think it is anything to worry about. Some of the more "trained" brewers may chime in if I am wrong!
  2. The sediment I the bottom is normal. Did you add anything to the cider like cinnamon? I noticed with my last batch the cinnamon floated up and stuck around the top. I dont think it is any thing to worry about.
  3. Yeah the extra week helps alot...you can make ok beer in two weeks but much better beer in three. Its same when it comes to conditioning, give it at least four weeks in the bottle it really does make a huge difference.
  4. You learned the hardest part early: PATIENTS pays off! Congrats!
  5. Yes. Works just as well if not better. Each drop equals 1 teaspoon of table sugar.
  6. Also make sure when you put them in the fridge you give them two, or better yet three days. It helps the co2 re-obsorb in to the liquid.
  7. Are they both the same refill or are they different? Different brews all have different amounts of krausen. Some produce lots and some barely any.
  8. I can't imagine it tasted too good at two days, or have much if any alcohol yet.
  9. Nope you can bottle directly from the lbk. Unless you are batch priming.
  10. I have used both. In my opinion I didnt notice any difference. I normally use table sugar now, but used the drops in the batches that came with the kits.
  11. Its not necessary with Mr. Beer. If you are going to enter it in a competition and need it crystal clear maybe. The yeast will settle out during conditioning in the bottle.
  12. Tried it again, worked just fine this time. Thanks Josh
  13. When I click on the confirmation email I get sent to a page that states oops the page you are looking for no longer exists. My first review did post ok. My second is not up, maybe pending untill Monday?
  14. Glad to see I m not alone. I thought something was wrong with my tablet.
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