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  1. Fermenting now for 2 weeks should I let it go anther week? And how much sugar? I read 3/4 tsp. and 1 tsp. Thanks
  2. 2nd batch made the North west pal ale, fermented for 3 weeks and carbonated for 4 weeks. First bottled I tried carbonated nice but it seemed to be a little darker then a pale ale and had a little bit more of a malt taste to it. Since then I let the batch age another two weeks and have tried 2 more bottles and it still seems darker then it should be and more of a malt taste to it. What did I do wrong this time? Going to try one more batch of something and hope this will turn out better.
  3. Bottled my Nortwest Pale Ale about two weeks ago and have been storing them in room temp. of about 70 degrees in the case. Now that it is warming up here in the northeast the house gets anywhere from 70 to 74 degrees during the day, I would put them in the basement but the temperature down there is about 61 to 64 degrees, would that be okay in the basement? I have about two weeks to go before I was going to put them in the frig. Any suggestions would be great.
  4. Hello, my first batch didn't carbonate either I used the plastic bottles with the twist caps that can with the LBK, I have upgraded to the glass 12oz bottles. I have a batch of the Northwest Pale Ale fermenting right now for 3 weeks at at a room temp. of 70,with the LBK in a cooler. When I do bottle (and this may sound like a dumb question) is it best to add the sugar first and then the beer or the beer first and then add the sugar. Last batch I used the drops but thought I would use sugar this time.
  5. Trying my next batch since my first never really carbonated. Brewing the Northwest Pale Ale ferments for 2 weeks is it better to go longer?
  6. Is it best to use sugar instead of carbo.. drops?
  7. Yes that describes it best a bread like taste.
  8. I used the 740 ML bottles with two drops per bottle, I kept the bottles at about 70 degrees.
  9. Hello, Hope someone can help. My first batch in my brown keg never really carbonated , I used the carbo tablets that came with the kit and followed the direction to a tee. I left it carbonate for about for weeks Also the beer has a bit of a wheat taste to it, not that enjoyable. This is the American lager lite that can with the LBK. Any suggestion are welcomed.
  10. How long will the beer last after it's tapped and bottled?

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