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    Home of Oktoberfest, Canada
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    Trying new beers, especially hoppy beers. Top 5 brews:
    1: SmashBomb IPA (Flying Monkey, Barrie, Ont)
    2: Cobblestone Stout (Mill St Brewery, Toronto, On)
    3: Mad Tom IPA (Muskoka Brewery, Gravenhurst, On)
    4: BoneShaker (Amsterdam Brewery, Toronto, On)
    5: Guinness Stout (Dublin, Ireland) or
    Innis & Gunn (Edinburgh, Scotland)
  1. I'm new to the home brew scene. Got a LBK kit today, want to start the process, but i'm on the fence if I should use good ol fashioned tap water or what my fiance says and get some bottled water? Sorry about the noob question. The HME I'll be using is Classic American. Any suggestions?
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