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  1. Why the interest in batch priming? I have a box of raw sugar in individual packets. When I'm ready to bottle, I add 1 packet to each bottle, add the beer, cap, test the seal, and store for at least a month. Drink when ready. I also use the raw sugar for my coffee in the morning.
  2. I vote for CAL because it is a decent starter. The big thing a new brewer needs to learn is how to clean properly. Once cleaning/sanitizing/maintenance is achieved, it is time to start making the "good" stuff. Gotta learn to crawl before you can run!
  3. Cooler was not fully sealed, it was slightly cracked. The LBK and cooler were sitting in an unused bathtub. House temp was 68. I was keeping the LBK away from curious children and out of direct sunlight.
  4. Made two fateful errors three weeks ago and am trying to find out if I have plant fertilizer or something worth drinking in a month. After filling the LBK with wort, I placed it in my cooler to ferment for 3 weeks. I did not check on the fermentation because I did not want to perv the wort. A watched LBK does not ferment. When I opened the cooler to remove the LBK, there was a little bit of beer in the bottom of the cooler and a science experiment within the cooler. There was a bunch of mold inside and outside of cap. I sanitized the spigot. I decided to bottle the batch. I ended up with 18 bottles. When I disassembled, it did not appear to have mold on the inside, only the outside. Disassembled and realized it was brewer's error. I did not tighten the nut enough and did not fully center the spigot on the hole. I've washed the equipment once tonight and will wash again in a day or so. Error #1: Incorrect spigot assembly. Will make sure the next batch is locked in tight and centered. Error #2: Did not put enough water in the LBK when testing the spigot. 2+ gallons next time. My big question: DID I HARM MY PRECIOUS BEER? Thanks
  5. I have waited a long time ... and I have sampled my first bottle from my first batch ever!!! I chose CAL as my first batch because I wanted to make sure I could make a drinkable beer. Turns out ... tastes like beer! Hooray, Beer! Would it be safe to make a new batch of CAL and add a LME? I figured I could move to dry hopping after sampling CAL with different LMEs. Good idea or should I go back to the drawing board? Is there anything that says which LMEs should be added to which HMEs? Any help is good. Now excuse me, there is a homebrew with my name on it!
  6. Thanks for the advice. Can't wait to get the first batch bottled and start the next batch. Guess I need to go empty another bottle and add it to my collection.
  7. Been reading the forums since I filled my LBK and placed it in a 21 day timeout. I am bottling this weekend and have a couple of questions to determine how to best proceed. 1) What is the preferred method to sanitize the glass bottles? Are there any secret tips and hints to make bottling successful? 2) How many ounces of beer should I expect when bottling? I want to make sure I have everything cleaned, sanitized, and ready before I start the bottling process. Thanks for all the useful information on these forums!
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