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  1. worst part about this. Im 25....my and my fiance dont enjoy going out partying and to clubs so we dont have many friends that enjoy what we enjoy. EVEN FREE BEER. sadly my generation and one behind me are lazy...
  2. Very few people I know are willing to brew. Will they drink MY beer....well yes they will. I tend to empty kegs quickly when I have guests over. South Jersey is just picking up in the craft beer seen, and many homebrewers in the area are still an hour drive from me. As for my friends, they wouldnt put the time and effort into it.
  3. SO update!!! This brew is gone! It turned out better then expected DEF got the job done. A friend of mine loved it and helped me kill it. Thats 2 nights we both wont remember for a while. The fiance was not happy lol. Either way it turned out very drinkable but wont brew this specific one again. Just was not my prefered beer style
  4. So i was able to mash in and sparge with 1 gallon. it was the worst brewday by far. BUT i learned alot mainly building a mashtun is way easier in my situation.
  5. So my intention to upgrade to allgrain has hit a wall. I have a 7.5 maybe 8.5 gallon pot i brew in. Im doing a 11lb grain bill. And i have been told ill need 9.5 gallons to mash. Question is. Can i do 7.5 gallon mash...then sparge to my 6.5 gallon boil volume. 11lb 2 row. 1.5oz kent golding 60m 1oz 15m .5oz 5. Whirloc 5m. 155 mash temp. 60m. Yes its a smash recipe got grains cheap decided to try.
  6. whenever I do stouts with chocolate. I soak coacoa nibs in vodka for a week. add the extract to the wort after primary fermentation settles down. always turns out fantastic
  7. Fiance enjoys my homebrewing. She does not like when i am outside in cold doing full 5 gallons boils tho
  8. I did 1 cup and I remember this was alot of peoples favorite beer I brewed. Even today with more partial mash brews they ask about this one. My buddy drank it with his steak and loved it.
  9. Welcome to the addiction.
  10. Last year i promised myself id brew something for st patricks day....and again i forgot. Im to busy stocking up beer for fishing season lol. Is it bad to say i still have yet to try guiness
  11. apple brown beery is a good beer. i brewed it a while back. Note: It hits its stride about 5 to 6 weeks after bottling. but overall a fantastic brew
  12. I let every beer i make go 3 weeks. Unless I brewed it late and needed it for new years. In which case i kept an eye on the Gravity.
  13. finding mrbeer in any stores in south jersey is nearly impossible. i found it in kmart but not on sale.
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