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  1. Ha yeah caught that after I posted. Knew you would catch it too. Yep carb level was due to me. Used MB carb drops, one and a half per 740 ml bottle due to reading MB recommendations were a little high. Maybe just hasn't been conditioned long enough at high enough temp (ambient temp in my house hovers around 70 degrees) but probably amount of secondary sugar. Bottled my Bewitched Amber Ale (not pale) half the batch with two carb drops half with one and a half drops in 740 ml bottles. Will see what happens.
  2. I'm with you here. My first batch was CAL been in the bottle five weeks. Still taste like a flat, weak Apple juice. One word,terrible. Don't have any confidence further conditioning will help. Even Rick Beer would'nt ask someone to send him this. Not giving up though, have Bewitched Pale Amber Ale in bottles now for three weeks and Diablo IPA to be bottled next weekend (both deluxe kits with LME packs). Until then the free beer while buying bottles is working.
  3. Thanks for the replies. Day twenty one is coming up this weekend on my first batch. I' ll obviously have to try with and without cold crashing to see which I prefer. This is my "second" first batch as I had a Mr. beer kit somewhere back around 2005. Like so many after two batches up in the attic it went. Years later SWMBO tossed 'em. I remember back then they had the malt extract and booster pack. Mr. Beer had something like a beer of the month club where they sent you refills once a month. Never did much research back then and two batches I made were like carbonated water. That was with the. Mr. Beer 2-2-2 formula. Looking forward to brewing with all the advice found online nowadays. All ready have four mour refills to try. No tossing them this time.
  4. If not checking FG, do you cold crash on days 19, 20, 21, or days 21, 22, 23
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