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  1. 5 minutes ago, Nickfixit said:

    Tried the Cooper's Pils again. Different from the Mr B Pils. It is a different bitterness and less malty - but then not very old yet - 4 weeks.

    I also under carbed it.   I am not sure what Hop they use.


    Pretty sure it uses Saaz, like the MRB Pilsner.

  2. Most ESBs aren't bitter at all. In fact, they tend to be maltier than many other beers of similar style. The reason they are called English Special Bitters is because years ago, many beers in England were much sweeter than they are today. ESBs, in comparison, were more bitter. By today's standards, ESBs are actually more on the malty side compared to actual bitter beers like IPAs and such.

  3. True story: The Witch's Flight was made basically by accident. I was showing our newest CSR, MRB Tim, how to brew with our kits when he first joined the team. I basically just grabbed the first ingredients I could find with no intention of making this a regular recipe. I grabbed a Bewitched, a Golden LME, and some Falconers Flight hops so Tim could see the process being done with LME and hop additions. But the batch ended up tasting so damn good when it was done, that we decided to keep it and add it to our recipe list. So far, it's probably the most popular recipe in the office, and it has sold very well, too. I'm quite proud of this hoppy accidental recipe. :)

  4. 3 hours ago, scouterbill said:

    Looks good. A little clear for a wheat beer. Don't be afraid to resuspend the sediment in the bottom of the bottle. That trub adds to the flavor profile.


    This is true for most German wheat beers. Some American ones are filtered and fairly clear. But I agree that a bit of the wheat yeast adds to the flavor, which is why I prefer German and Belgian wheats to American ones.

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