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  1. Hop on the stream today guys! Tim will be going through bottling, carbonating, and conditioning! I will be in the chat to answer questions.
  2. Hey guys! Unfortunately, I'm still at home recovering from a really bad case of bursitis in my knee so I will be postponing part 2 of the all-grain intro stream for next Thursday. Instead, @MRB Tim will be brewing our Thunder bay IPA recipe. This has a grain steep and a short hop schedule, so as far as MRB recipes go, it is one of the more advanced ones. I will still be available in the chat for any advanced questions Tim might not be able to answer. See you there!
  3. Hey guys, there will be a last minute schedule change today. I'm stuck at home with a bad case of bursitis in my knee so I won't be doing an intermediate stream today. Instead, Rick, Robert, and Matt will be doing a live beer tasting and discussion. It's something a little different we've been wanting to try. They will all be available to take your questions. I will also be in the chat from home to help out a bit and answer any of the more advanced questions. We will do the unhopped malt extract batch next Wed. Hopefully, if my knee is better, I will be in tomorrow for part 2 of the all-grain intro.
  4. We can also put this out on our social media channels. We may be able to get a few more people that aren't on the forums to show up.
  5. Harbottle Brewing Company here in Tucson makes one called Kentucky Sunglasses. While it's to style, it's definitely not a native Kentucky beer.
  6. October is when we were talking about doing something.
  7. So it looks like I will be attending this event with you guys, at least for the weekend. I will also be bringing a bunch of free MRB swag for attendees and possibly a few AZ beers to share, including a few of my own. If anything changes from the original itinerary on the top post, please let us know. We will look into doing a livestream on location, but I may just video the event and show some highlights in a later live stream. We'll figure it out. Even if there are only a couple of us there, we'll still have a good time (more beer for us, right? lol). See you all in a couple of weeks!
  8. By the way, guys, @MRB Tim will be hosting today's show! I will be in the chat offering help and such.
  9. We've got another Beginner stream today. We will be brewing a Bavarian Weissbier and I will be talking a bit about wheat beers in general. Join us at 2:30 pm PDT - 5:30 pm EDT.
  10. Actually, 2 are missing, but they should be up soon.
  11. All of the past videos are now up: https://www.twitch.tv/therealmrbeer/videos/all
  12. I would probably enhance that recipe with 2 oz Carapils (for body and head retention) and maybe 2-4 oz malted wheat. Or you can do 2-4 oz flaked barley and 2-4oz 2-row. Or if you want a maltier beer, add 2-4 oz of Munich or Vienna. Read the descriptions of the malt and decide for yourself. Don't be afraid to experiment a little.
  13. The only gear you can use for AG would be the fermenter, but I did mention that it is great for all-grain test batches or small batches. I also stressed how much easier it is to use MRB products than all-grain. Not trying to deter people from MRB because it's our "bread and butter", just simply showing them the processes involved in all-grain.
  14. No worries. Everyone had a laugh about it...lol.
  15. You want to add more body to the beer, yet have never had the beer?
  16. The 1.3% refers to using BOTH of the smaller bags. I agree that they probably should have put that on the bag because 1.3% per 6.65 oz is incorrect.
  17. Today will be an intro to all-grain. I will be explaining the 1st step in all-grain brewing: the mash. The beer I will be brewing will be one of my competition beers, Cryonic Suspension IPA. It is a hazy New England style IPA that uses local Sonoran unmalted wheat, a lot of flaked oats, and all late-addition Cryohops.
  18. Starting in 30 mins! We will be brewing the Surly Dog IPA and talking about choosing hops for bittering, aroma, and flavor.
  19. No problem, Yoda. I will add your question to the list. The short answer is, yes, it is best to consume IPAs fresh. There are some exceptions with Imperial IPAs that are aggressively hopped then aged until there is some balance (but still hoppy). Also, some brettanomyces IPAs are aged.
  20. BTW, I will be talking more about hops in today's live stream.
  21. Mosaic and Cascade are quite different. The best sub for Cascade would be Centennial. With that said, you can still make it with Mosaic and have a great beer. It won't be the same beer as the Santa Catalina, which is our version of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (also uses Cascade hops), but it will still be a great beer.
  22. Yesterday's video is up: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/240991229
  23. She's quite camera shy, but I'll see what I can do.
  24. I think you need to register a Twitch account. It's free.
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